Estranged Son of Nashville Police Chief Wanted in Connection with Shooting of Two Tennessee Officers

The estranged son of Nashville’s Police Chief is currently the subject of a statewide manhunt.

The suspect, identified as John C. Drake Jr., 38, is accused of shooting two police officers in La Vergne, Tennessee. The incident occurred on a Saturday afternoon outside a store while the officers were investigating a report of a stolen vehicle.

The suspect reportedly engaged in a struggle with the officers before drawing his weapon and firing. One officer was hit twice, in the groin and right forearm, while the other was struck in the rear left shoulder.

Both officers were promptly taken to the hospital and are reported to be in stable condition. One officer was released on the same day, while the other was kept overnight for further observation.

John C. Drake Jr. is not only a convicted felon, but also the estranged son of Metro Nashville Police Department Chief, John Drake. The father and son had minimal contact over the years, with the younger Drake having been involved in criminal activity for a significant period.

This incident has sent shockwaves through the law enforcement community, prompting numerous agencies to join the search for Drake. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued a statewide alert for him. He is wanted for attempted first-degree murder for both officers who were shot.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that our brave law enforcement officers face every day. They put their lives on the line to protect our communities, often dealing with dangerous individuals who have no regard for the rule of law.

It is also a sobering reminder of the devastating impact of crime on families, even those within the law enforcement community. The fact the suspect is the son of a police chief underscores that no one is immune from the effects of criminal behavior.

As the manhunt continues, we hope for a swift resolution to this case and justice for the injured officers. We also extend our thoughts and prayers to Police Chief John Drake and his family during this challenging time.