Young Woman Traumatized By Man in Woman’s YMCA Bathroom

Every day, we seem to get more out of control in this nation, as the woke ideology takes over.

The most recent example comes from a disturbing incident in a YMCA bathroom. A young woman by the name of Rebecca Philips was recently traumatized by what happened to her.

Philips, 17, was swimming at the YMCA and came back to the locker room at the Santee YMCA. That’s where she then came across a fully naked trans woman in the same enclosure.

Philips Testifies About Trauma

In testimony at Santee City Hall, Philips said after swimming training, she went to shower and came across a naked man in front of her.

She became extremely frightened. Then, she tried to hide behind a curtain in the locker room until the alleged man left the scene.

Philips said she cares about this issue of sharing the same bathroom with trans people. She said that society has gone too far and needs to rethink certain areas of the trans rights subject.

She also doesn’t think it’s cool that her sister, only five years old, now has to share her space with trans “women” as well.

How Did This Happen?

According to Philips, YMCA has a high turnover of children and young people who practice various activities in the summer. As she said, the changing rooms should be safe places to talk, bathe, and change clothes.

Where’s the lie?

After the bathroom incident, Philips said she was approached by some YMCA workers who assured Philips that the trans woman was within her rights to use the women’s locker room, just like her.

California’s current law provides that anyone can use a bathroom according to their gender identification.

Philips told the board that it is totally uncomfortable. She feels bad to know that a “man” is legally allowed to shower alongside her or any other child or teenager.

Extreme Shame

Philips ended her speech, saying she felt extreme shame for the YMCA. In response to the complaint from Philips, the YMCA said the state of California works for the rights of all people and respects everyone’s gender identity.

The YMCA said it was aware of what happened in the locker room and it values the safety and well-being of all members equally.

In an official statement, the YMCA stressed the state has taken action based on laws that can establish integration policies and respect for anyone, regardless of whether that person identifies with the gender identity of their birth or not.

It’s clear that this organization is siding with extremist gender ideology over the well-being of young women and girls. Protests are currently ongoing from those standing up for Philips and other women in our society.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.