Young Minnesota Residents Catching COVID-19 in High Rates

"coronavirus" (Public Domain) by Alachua County

Over the course of several weeks now, Americans have observed chaotic and dangerous demonstrations break out in various cities across the nation. Individuals who make the choices to set things on fire, loot businesses, and otherwise engage in illegal acts are congregating in large groups with one another.

These congregations are largely without face masks and social distancing. After weeks of being told that these things were necessary to halt COVID-19 transmission, many folks questioned the safety of these gatherings…especially in light of their intended purpose.


Democrats — and even some public health “experts” — claimed that Black Lives Matter and George Floyd gatherings were not a danger to the spread of coronavirus; however, recent reports from Breitbart News seem to indicate otherwise.

At this time, there are record numbers of young people in Minnesota testing positive for coronavirus.

What to Know About Positive COVID-19 Cases in Minnesota

Individuals in their 20s are the Minnesotans catching coronavirus at the highest rate. This news, of course, arises as more testing for COVID-19 is done, thus raising the likelihood of discovering more cases.

Officials have maintained that young people congregating in bars are responsible for the spread of coronavirus. Now, yet again, Minnesotans are being urged not to “overwhelm” the healthcare system and furthermore take certain precautionary measures to protect themselves and others.

Although more cases of coronavirus in young people are being noted, the same cannot be said about deaths. In keeping with past scientific findings, the individuals who are most vulnerable to coronavirus are typically over 80-years-old and facing certain health complications.

The Hidden Factor

As officials claim that gatherings in bars are causing new upticks in COVID-19 cases, there is one element that seems to have gone missed: riots in the streets of Minnesota.

Americans are painfully aware of the riots and violent protests that have commenced on the streets of our nation; however, they first began in Minnesota, following the death of George Floyd. To make matters even more interesting, many attendees of chaotic gatherings were, in fact, young people in their 20s.

If the issue of new positive cases among Minnesota’s young people is going to be honestly addressed, one cannot ignore the impact of mass gatherings; this is valid regardless of whether officials agree or disagree with the purpose of these gatherings and subsequent behaviors that ensued.

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