Yale Professor Transitions 3-Year-Old Kids, Brags About Helping ‘Gender Journey’

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In a fresh, devastating example of wokeness in today’s America, a professor of medicine at Yale University is boasting of enabling the “gender transitioning” of three-year-old children identifying as “non-binary” or “trans.”

She thinks she is helping them with their “gender journey.”

Gender-Based ‘Class Struggle’

Transgenderism and gender ideology are a classic subset of Marxism-Communism and are largely based on two of the latter’s main and most vicious ideas.

Namely, if a man decides he is a woman, then he is a woman. Also, the world must be saved through the violent destruction of capitalism and “bourgeois pretenses” of freedom and democracy.

Still seeking to destroy the free world, communist ideologists decided in order to crush freedom, democracy, and capitalism, they would use minorities, instead of the working class, hence their current efforts to stoke race-based and gender-based class struggles.

Transgenderism and gender ideology, on the other hand, are playing a particularly central role in that regard.

As a result, not a day goes by without numerous, shocking trangender-related stories flooding the news stream.

It is up to the point where conservative, patriotic, Christian, and family-oriented Americans may not even have the will to be indignant and outraged anymore.

(Yale University)

It’s ‘Really, Really Wonderful!’

A new case in hand is that of Yale Medical School professor Christy Olezeski, who is targeting toddlers to enable their “gender transitioning.”

Fully in tune with the anti-human impudence of old-school Marxism-Communism, Olezeski is being quite vocal and boasting about it, rather than being shameful of all the pain and suffering she is causing to very young children before their real lives have begun.

The outrage about Olezeski was caused by a YouTube video. She, as the head of the Yale Pediatric Gender Program, bragged about getting toddlers started on their “gender journey.”

She bragged that she and her team are giving advice on when young children, as young as three, should be getting “medical intervention” as part of their transitioning.

The Yale doctor also declared she “loves” doing that.

To top it all off, Olezeski argued in the video it was her mission to provide all-out care for children who “question their assigned gender” or for those who seek to get “gender-affirming consultations.”

The Yale Medical School doctor went into detail about how “really, really wonderful” she feels about getting youngsters between three and 25 years of age to change their “gender.”

She explained she was really satisfied to work with “gender diverse” youth, assisting them with their “gender journeys.”

Olezeski’s comments sparked an outburst of fury against her and overall transgenderism that seeks to impose “gender” changes on kids who may still be wearing diapers.

Countless social media users accused her and her kind of child abuse; she even got numerous warnings to leave children alone.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.