Woke Students Slammed Founding Fathers Over Slavery

A group of students inspired by the far-left administration of a New Jersey elementary school dishonored the Founding Fathers while branding them as slave owners and racists.

Jefferson Elementary school, named after the founding father, Thomas Jefferson, will be renamed as Delia Bolden Elementary School to honor the first black lady who graduated from the school in 1912.

Founding Fathers Dishonored by the Left

Teachers and students of the woke Jefferson Elementary school discussed the role of former President Thomas Jefferson in promoting slavery in the United States.

Once a subcommittee of fifth-graders finalized the new name, the school board voted 6-3 to formally rename the school.

Students had the choice to pick up the name from a long list, which contained various historic names, including “Ruth Bader Ginsberg Elementary School.”

Delia Bolden, the black lady who is now honored by the students, delivered a speech at her graduation ceremony, slamming the racial institutions of the country while propagating human rights.

While the school administration supported the cause and criticized the Founding Fathers, the school still claims the initiative was taken by students; the school had no role to play in the issue.

Qawi Telesford, a board member of the school, noted Thomas Jefferson owned more than 600 slaves and he only released nine of them.

Telesford also added he is not thankful to Jefferson, as he did not play any role in our freedom. Instead, Telesford continued, those people who struggled hard to end slavery are the real heroes; everyone should be proud of them.

Ronald Taylor, the school’s superintendent, also praised the students’ decision, claiming the students exceeded the expectation of the school administration by removing the association of the school with the slave owner.

Taylor further asserted this decision of the students would have far-reaching consequences for the governance model of the school.

Liberals Canceling All the Founding Fathers One by One

Though this is not the first time that a Founding Father has been dishonored by a group of woke individuals. Renaming schools named after historical figures has become a new normal in the United States.

In 2021, a school board in Chicago proposed to change the name of Daniels Webster Middle School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School, claiming both of these individuals maintained firm support for the institution of slavery.

Recently, the Virginia Department of Education proposed a change that would no longer consider George Washington as the father of the nation.

Similarly, the school board also wanted to stop referring to former President James Madison as the father of the Constitution.

However, Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin hammered the woke administration of the school board, stating every American needs to honor the Founding Fathers of the country who made our freedom possible.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.