Woke Little Mermaid Flops and The Explanation is Funnier Than Usual

This past weekend, the woke ‘Little Mermaid’ remake received overwhelmingly negative reviews.

According to Deadline, Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid grossed $95.5 million worldwide in its three-day opening.

However, the woke movie was panned by critics, with most negative reviews coming from foreign audiences. Critics faulted dim lighting and unintelligible lyrics.

Ratings and Explanations

IMBD, Rotten Tomatoes, and various other sites that aggregate online reviews asserted that online trolls are responsible for the negative reviews. The negative reviews were then removed in order to increase the ultimate audience scores. What a joke!

IMBD, for instance, stated it published weighted vote aggregates because not all ballots are equal.

According to IMBD, their rating system detected abnormal voting activity for this title. A different weighting calculation has been used in order to maintain the validity of their rating system.

You read that right; they used a different system to rate this film just to give it a higher rating.

Initially, The Little Mermaid was anticipated to be more of a domestic production, according to Deadline. However, they stated it is somewhat surprising to see these international reactions, which are now attributed to internet trolls.

An International Flop

Little Mermaid debuted in France on Wednesday. AlloCiné reported they are currently noticing an unusual distribution of scores that necessitates caution. They urged the audience to form their own opinion regarding the film.

Although not unprecedented, this is an uncommon action. To be fair, respected publications such as Libération, Première, and Les Inrockuptibles did not enjoy the film, awarding it only one star.

According to IMDB, it publishes weighted vote averages as opposed to raw data averages. Although all user votes are accepted and considered, not all have the same impact on the ultimate rating.

They claim in order to maintain the integrity of their system, an alternative weighting calculation may be employed when unusual voting behavior is detected. However, the IMDB website does not reveal the precise rating method.

Prior to The Little Mermaid’s release in Germany, Moviepilot displayed a rating of 0.7 out of 10 — significantly lower than any comparable title. The number of visitors increased over the course of the weekend, reaching a rating of five.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.