Wikipedia Unmasked: Founder Reveals Shocking Intel Agency Manipulation

In a startling revelation, Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, has blown the whistle on the covert manipulation of the popular online encyclopedia by intelligence agencies.

In an interview with independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, Sanger unveiled the disturbing reality of information warfare being waged on platforms like Wikipedia.

Sanger alleged that influential individuals are paid off by intelligence agencies to push their agendas on Wikipedia. Alternatively, these agencies cultivate their own talent within their ranks who learn the ropes of Wikipedia and then disseminate their desired narratives.

This shocking revelation raises serious questions about the credibility of the information we consume daily from such widely trusted sources.

Greenwald, in his show ‘System Update’, criticized Wikipedia for its biased portrayal of the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory.

Despite substantial evidence suggesting Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings with Burisma executives, Wikipedia dismisses it as a mere conspiracy theory. This blatant disregard for factual accuracy is a stark departure from Wikipedia’s claim of being an ideology-free, neutral encyclopedia.

Sanger further revealed that Wikipedia’s bias isn’t a recent development. He noted the platform’s partiality was evident during Trump’s presidency, with the site becoming increasingly aligned with mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

The bias is so entrenched that major news sources on the right have been officially deemed unreliable by Wikipedia.

The manipulation of Wikipedia extends beyond political bias. Sanger disclosed that the CIA, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies have used Wikipedia as an instrument of control.

Evidence dating back to 2008 shows CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia entries, raising doubts about the integrity of the information presented on the site.

The bias is not limited to political issues.

Wikipedia’s entry on the COVID-19 lab leak theory is crafted to discredit any suggestion of the virus originating from a lab leak.

This narrative aligns perfectly with the liberal worldview, despite leading scientists asserting the most plausible explanation for the pandemic’s origin is research conducted in the Wuhan lab.

In light of these revelations, Sanger is striving to counteract censorship and control of information.

He is working on a universal network of encyclopedias called Encyclosphere, aiming to make it easier for users to access a variety of encyclopedias. This initiative could be a significant step towards ensuring the free flow of unbiased information.

This exposé by Sanger serves as a wake-up call for all internet users. It underscores the importance of questioning the sources of our information and not taking everything at face value.

As consumers of information, we must remain vigilant and critical to ensure we are not being manipulated by hidden agendas.