White House Coronavirus Press Briefings Back in Session

"The United States Flag Flies at Half-Sta" (Public Domain) by The White House

For a time, the White House gave daily coronavirus press briefings. Despite criticism from Trump’s detractors, the White House continued to share everyday updates with Americans when COVID-19 was at its worst.

Amid new reports of virus surges, the press briefings are back. This comes at a time where certain community leaders are rolling back local and statewide reopening measures. The return of White House coronavirus press briefings also arrives amid intense debates about face mask requirements.


During yesterday’s White House coronavirus press briefings, President Trump himself participated, sharing certain details and information, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Yesterday’s Coronavirus Press Briefing

When Trump shared the latest updates about COVID-19, he touched upon several points. Despite progress made in the fight against coronavirus, the president warned that the virus will become “worse” before it becomes better. In giving this warning, Trump also noted the existence of “flare-ups” in different parts of the nation.

Likewise came the president’s tribute of our nation’s progress in testing for coronavirus. Despite onslaughts and censure from his political foes, Trump’s administration has succeeded in boosting testing access and capabilities for COVID-19; however, certain reports of contaminated coronavirus tests in addition to false positives have surfaced.

The president also urged Americans to wear face masks when they cannot social distance. This caused waves among many conservatives who take issue with mandatory face masks. Despite encouraging the use of face coverings, Trump has also openly stated that he doesn’t believe in a national mask mandate and won’t sign one into law.

A Notable Absence

During Tuesday’s coronavirus press briefing, many Americans noted the absence of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci’s previous habit of not only appearing at these briefings, but also speaking at them marked a stark contrast from yesterday.

Later, Fauci stated that he did not get an invite to attend yesterday’s press briefing. This comes amid clashes between Trump aides and the doctor. Other conservatives, such as Doctor and Sen. Rand Paul have questioned Fauci’s judgment, rhetoric, and tendency to change his mind.

Despite claims of tensions between the president himself and Fauci, both parties have shrugged off these reports more than once.

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