Which State Has the Highest Number of People Who Won’t Take the COVID Vaccines?

This past week, Wyoming made big news for showing Congresswoman Liz Cheney the exit door.

She was soundly defeated by over thirty points by Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman. Trump even put out a statement telling her to go to “political oblivion.”

Though now Wyoming is also in the news for a different reason: It’s the number one state where people have refused or declined to receive the COVID vaccine.

Let’s take a look at this data…

Just Say No to Unproven Experimental mRNA Vaccines

A poll done by the reliable firm, Morning Consult, shows Wyoming leads the nation in those who just said no to taking any form of the mRNA COVID “vaccine.”

According to their poll, 36% of Wyomingites said they don’t want the vaccine, despite the constant wheedling, pressure, whining, outright lying, and bullying of the Biden regime and medical establishment.

Next up in people who just said no were Alabama and Oklahoma, both tied at 32%, followed by Idaho (30%) and Louisiana (29%).

Morning Consult has been following public trends on vaccine acceptance since a year ago. They found most of those who were “unsure” previously ended up getting the vaccine by now at least one and sometimes two or three doses.

This makes sense. If you are unsure about the vaccine it means, quite simply, you believe the CDC and medical establishment, as well as the Biden regime and World Health Organization (WHO), are more or less honest people who just want to end the COVID pandemic.

If you believe this, I have an oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona. Though the point is those who had the basic sense that maybe the vaccine was at least worth a try have gotten jabbed up.

The rest of those who were strongly resistant to the propaganda continued to not get it and will continue not to.

Taking a Closer Look at the Numbers

The total number who told Morning Consult they’re vaxxed is 71 percent.

This is about average for many developed nations. There seems to be a contingent of around 30% who just won’t go for the vaccines or take Tony Fauci as their personal lord and savior.

The states with the highest vaccine acceptance were Massachusetts at 91%, followed by Connecticut and DC (both at 90% acceptance), New Jersey (88%), and New York (87%).

Basically, the deep blue states and establishment enclaves like DC saw a rapid and full uptake of the COVID vaccines and acceptance of whatever Lord Fauc-leroy deemed necessary.

The tragic fact that the vaccinated are dying more than the unvaccinated doesn’t seem to shift the needle here. Science apparently no longer relies on numbers and statistics, but instead on feelings.

The Bottom Line

Congratulations, Wyoming. You kicked a globalist harpie to the curb and proved you can think for yourself all in one week.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.