What Harris Did in 92 Days As She Avoided Going to the Border

More than three months after Biden tapped Harris to lead the response to the surge of migrants at the border, she finally scheduled a visit to the Southern border on Friday. 

As migrant facilities overflowed and conditions at the border became more desperate, lawmakers from both parties were calling Harris to head South and visit the border. However, the White House fiercely defended attacks against Harris, saying that she is more focused on addressing the “root causes” of the migration. 

Harris’ visit to the border was scheduled just a few days before Trump’s scheduled trip with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The unexpected schedule by Harris after months of avoiding the area created a notion that Trump encouraged Harris to book a trip to the border. 

In a statement, Trump mentioned that if he and Governor Abbot were not going to the border next week, the vice president would never have gone. So here are some of the activities that Harris focused on over the last 92 days instead of addressing the border crisis. 

International trip to Guatemala and Mexico

Earlier this month, Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico as her first international. The visit to the Central American countries was concerning her role as a supposed border Czar appointed by Biden.

However, her visit to Guatemala was flocked by criticism due to her bold statement telling migrants not to come to the border. She also snapped a few times at news anchors after being asked when will she visit the border. 

Virtual meeting with Northern Triangle countries, offering more money

Harris offered $310 million to Guatemalan President. The fund was allegedly for addressing the food insecurity in the region. 

She announced commitments of big businesses to invest 

On May 12, Harris announced that 12 companies and organizations made commitments to support the economic development of countries in the Northern Triangle. This includes Mastercard, Microsoft, and the World Economic Forum. 

Hosting Texas Democrats at the White House 

The vice president invited to the White House a group of Texas lawmakers who made a dramatic walk out of the House chamber in Texas; this happened to deny the required quorum to pass the election security bill authored by Republicans. 

Dinner with all female senators in her home

Last week, Harris invited all 24 female senators to her home in Naval Observatory. After the sumptuous meal, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said that political policies were not a part of the dinner conversation. 

Blackburn said on Hannity that if Harris had brought up policies, she would’ve suggested to vice president that she needs to get to the border. 

Tour to promote COVID-19 vaccine

Last week, the Biden administration kicked off the campaign to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.

Thus, Harris toured cross-country, starting from Greenville, S.C., then to Atlanta. She is also set to visit Detroit next week.