WATCH: Leftist Politician Gets in Fight With BLM

A scandalous Hispanic Democratic member of the Los Angeles City Council got into a fight with BLM protesters.

They tackled him and tried to block his exit in the latest fallout from the racism scandal that rocked the LA legislature over leaked audio tapes, an incident showing that both sides in a woke clash could shockingly be in the wrong.

Racism Scandal Pitting Hispanic, Black Communities Against One Another

The altercation occurred after LA City Councilor Kevin de Leon was confronted at close range by BLM protesters who shouted in his face that he was a racist, HotAir reported.

Kevin de Leon was one of two main characters in the audio tape scandal earlier this year, in which he and ex-Council President Nury Martinez, also a Hispanic Democrat, were making racist comments.

The comments referred to race relations between Hispanic and black districts in LA and the black adopted son of another council member, Mike Bonin, a white gay man, with Martinez using a Spanish word meaning “a little monkey.”

Since the racism scandal, Nury Martinez resigned, while Kevin de Leon once tried to go back to work, but was boycotted by his colleagues.

De Leon has also been targeted by BLM protests rallying 24/7 at his house, even as it is unknown whether he lives in it, the report notes.

Earlier this week, De Leon got in a physical fight with a BLM activist who was trying to block his exit and shouting at him that he was a racist.

The Hispanic LA councilman was leaving a Christmas toy giveaway for children when he was confronted by BLM activists who also filmed the altercation.

One activist named Jason Reedy was particularly aggressive. He managed to block De Leon from leaving at an exit by raising his hands and pushing his chest toward the scandalous city councilor.

Video Caught the Woke Physical Video

The video shared online by BLM protesters, which may or may not have been edited, shows at one point, De Leon reacts to being pushed by Reedy by grabbing him and pushing him forward.

BLM activist Reedy, who started the physical altercation in the first place, then falls backward, lands on a table, and then collapses further.

Even so, Kevin De Leon took the aggressive action of actually directly “attacking” to clear his way out of the building, according to the video.

To top it all off, in subsequent TV interviews, De Leon argued Reedy and other BLM activists were elbowing, punching, and head-butting people, including a female aide of his. He said he was going to press charges.

It remains unclear whether the BLM video was cut to eliminate any actions that may compromise the woke group.

A lawyer for Reedy claimed later before the LA Times that De Leon was the sole person responsible for the violent clash.

The HotAir report concluded “neither” side “is telling the truth.” The LA Police Department is investigating the altercation even as it failed to arrest any participants as they left when the officers arrived on the site.

The report concludes both BLM’s aggression and De Leon’s moronic actions are deplorable and deserve to be condemned; this is a situation in which both sides should “lose.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.