WATCH: Joe Biden Takes Disgusting Cheap Shot at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

On Tuesday, November 1, during a Democrat Party campaign for next week’s elections, Biden started sounding off about the 2024 election.

He’s already called the America First movement and Trump supporters a threat to the “soul” of America, so why would he stop now?

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This creepy old man decided to go for a two-in-one and account both Trump and Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Here’s What Biden Said…

Biden called DeSantis a new version of Trump, given that the Florida governor will likely be one of his main opponents in the upcoming presidential election.

Trump is definitely planning to run at this point, but DeSantis has big amounts of supports.

Biden is swimming against the tide and ruling over a very bad situation with inflation and the foreign policy nightmare of Russia versus Ukraine. He knows DeSantis is more popular than him, that’s why he’s attacking him.

As the midterms approach, he wants to try to scare voters away from voting for the GOP, but Biden’s empty words won’t work. This week marks the final stretch of the race for elections to the Senate, government, and district representatives.

Here’s the Truth

Biden is a little beta man who has no ability to handle a veteran and governor like DeSantis. Biden is going all around the country trying to talk people into not voting red.

Next Thursday, he will trundle off to New Mexico; on Friday, he campaigned in California and Saturday in Pennsylvania.

A great effort for such an old man, but it’s not going to be enough to get the job done and stop the red wave that’s coming.

In Florida, where the concentration of seniors is high and significant, Biden focused on talking about programs aimed at this audience.

Still in Florida, Biden ended his activities at a rally at a university with a history of high black representation, with the participation of candidates Val Demings, who is running for a Senate seat, and governor candidate Charlie Crist.

That’s when Biden called DeSantis ‘The New Trump,’ saying DeSantis is against gay people, which is a disgusting lie. He added the race now for the governor is the most important, in which Crist competes directly against the incarnation of Trump.

Crist seized the moment and said DeSantis is not too concerned with playing a good role in the government, but rather DeSantis is even eyeing the presidency.

The way Biden and his party have dealt with DeSantis is quite different from the way we saw in early October.

At the time Biden went to Florida, after the passage and destruction of Hurricane Ian, to congratulate DeSantis’ work and dedication in reclaiming the state.

Now, he’s saying DeSantis is a prejudiced piece of trash. How scared is Biden right now? Pretty scared!

The Bottom Line

A red wave is coming and DeSantis is one of those who’s going to be riding it. Biden and his party are toast.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.