Washington Post Romanticizes Sex Workers

"YOUNG SEX WORKER" by sumaryanto bronto

A questionable article by the Washington Post left more than a handful of its readers puzzled with the message they were trying to send. Many of them were quick to realize the media outlet was trying to normalize sex work.

Titled, “She listed sex work on her resume, here’s what happened next,” the article really checks every box for clickbait known to the modern-day journalist. It describes a radical career transition of a woman who went from being a brand director to a sex worker.

“Legs and Mirror” by Mario A. P.

Respectable jobs begone, there’s a new sheriff in town

Much to the surprise of no one, the woman in question, Arielle Egozi, is a “queer femme” and yet another member of the gender identity movement.

She claims she left an in-house job with benefits so she could pursue a “career” in the most deplorable industry known to man, or maybe we should say “peoplekind”.

According to Egozi, being part of an industry that can be described as nothing short of monetized objectification of women feels empowering; although she fails to provide any sensible reason as to why.

She then goes on to boast about the “insanely high” prices she can charge her customers, saying she’s got no issue rejecting someone that refuses to pay for it.

Albeit that may just be the savings talking; sooner or later she’ll be working for bottom dollar if it keeps the lights on.

She also believes sex work to be no different from any other career. While it’s certainly true that it’s the “oldest profession,” the benefits aren’t that great and one may argue office space is the biggest issue.

Washington Post readers are brainwashed as always

Somehow, the post on the media outlet garnered well over 10k likes in a matter of days, with a great majority of the comments being supportive of those working in the industry, save for a few that actually use their heads.

One such commenter, who is a long-time user of LinkedIn, stated they’d seen absurd amounts of over-sharing on the platform.

However, this is the first time they’ve seen someone cross the line, with the commenter claiming the information Egozi presented belongs on a “different” site.

They added unless Egozi is in Nevada, the “job” she put on her resume isn’t even legal in the US; even if it was, it’s not exactly something that’ll help boost her career.

Many others chimed in, some even reporting her for soliciting sexual services on LinkedIn.

This was a fruitless effort, given the fact she never openly stated what sort of sex work she does, meaning Egozi remained within the platform’s community guidelines.

It’s clear this is just another case of “woke” liberals’ attempts at finding themselves; while it’s essentially harmless, it sends the wrong message to our future generations.

The last thing you want to hear from your daughter one day is she’s quitting college to “pursue a career” in lap dancing. As far as the political left is concerned, that’s a perfectly valid option for a young woman with her entire life ahead of her.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.