VP Harris Seen Laughing at an Important Issue

Harris is receiving a huge backlash after footage showed her laughing at a question related to the violent chaos in Afghanistan. She’s likewise receiving criticism for her failure to publicly address the deadly mayhem which happened shortly after the administration withdrew U.S. troops from the country. 

Harris claims the disaster in Afghanistan is their “higher priority”

On Friday, the vice president was captured in video footage laughing as she was asked about the sensitive issue. A reporter attempted to ask Harris for a statement to Americans in relation to the chaos in Afghanistan.

However, the vice president cut off the reporter, asked her to “slow down” before bursting into her notorious laugh, shaking her shoulders as she giggled. Then afterward, she claimed that the issue in Afghanistan is the “higher priority” in the Biden administration. 

The existing chaos in Afghanistan happened shortly after the Biden administration moved to withdraw U.S. troops. Days later, Taliban forces swarmed the country, taking control of cities, leaving Afghan civilians, Americans, and other foreign nationals scrambling to flee the war-torn country. 

However, amidst all the chaos in Afghanistan and despite claiming that the issue in Afghanistan is the top priority of the Biden administration, Harris is taking a trip to Southeast Asia. Ironically, Harris will be going to the areas that were previously a place of U.S. military humiliation – Vietnam and Singapore. 

Social media users criticized the vice president for her inappropriate reaction

Meanwhile, social media users slammed the vice president for her inappropriate reaction. One person stated that apparently, Harris thinks that the deadly Afghanistan disaster is a “laughing matter”. 

Another person wrote on Twitter that the vice president’s reaction looks like a skit in Saturday Night Live; the only difference is that Harris is not pretending and the issue she is laughing about is real. On the other hand, some were criticizing Harris for leaving the United States while claiming that the problem in Afghanistan is the administration’s higher priority. 

Another social media user posted that Harris claims that the deadly mayhem is their “higher priority” while at the same time boarding an aircraft to leave behind the “self-inflicted” chaos. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is trying to defend Harris’s trip by claiming the vice president will keep open communication with the White House throughout her trip.

A White House official likewise claimed that the Biden-Harris administration can manage to more than one issue at the same time, adding that they are focusing on two top priorities of the United States. 

In her trip to Southeast Asia, Harris is expected to talk about the viewpoints of the United States and the growing influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the region. She is likewise anticipated to address China’s move in obtaining control of the South China Sea.