Viewers Sensing “Serious Credibility Problem”

CNN and MSNBC are experiencing a huge drop in ratings; experts are now wondering if the liberal networks will ever overcome the “serious credibility” problems they created for themselves. 

Expert: MSNBC and CNN relied on the trick of bashing Trump

According to William Jacobson, a media critic and professor of Cornell Law School, CNN and MSNBC relied on the trick of bashing former President Trump. 

However, now that Trump is not in office anymore, they have a hard time keeping up with the mania. They see their viewers disappear, as viewers’ loyalty was not with the networks, but instead with hatred for the former president. 

During the second quarter of 2021, MSNBC only averaged 847,000 viewers, and CNN falls behind with 654,000 viewers. In comparison to this, Fox News has 1.2 million average viewers within the same period, earning the leading spot in basic cable. 

Joe Concha, Fox News contributor, thinks that the serious credibility problems at MSNBC and CNN will continuously be why they’ll lose viewers. 

Concha added that the third quarter of the year might even look worst, judging from the rating trends for both networks. He added that two things cause these numbers: first, their parochial tactic, and second, Trump is no longer around.

Concha: Personalities of MSNBC and CNN recently earned negative headlines

However, most importantly, Concha added that these news networks have a “serious credibility problem.” He also noted that the TV personalities from each network earned negative headlines recently, yet they were ignored and remained unpublished. 

Concha said that, for instance, CNN primetime anchor Chris Cuomo admitted to advising his brother and his staff on how to deal with the series of sexual harassments. However, the CNN network did nothing to reprimand him. In fact, they even awarded Cuomo of more airtime. These moves alienated their viewers. 

The Fox News contributor also mentioned Joy Reid of MSNBC, who called Supreme Court Justice Clarence “Uncle Clarence.” Concha added that this is a form of blatant racism shown on national television. Yet, the MSNBC network does nothing about it. This also tells viewers to look elsewhere. 

CNN also made another shocking move when it welcomed back Jeffrey Toobin, despite the embarrassing scandal when he was caught masturbating during a Zoom call with colleagues at The New Yorker.

Concha feels that the trust of the viewers with these news networks will “never be restored.” For it to be restored, the networks and personalities have to stop making themselves the source of the story and begin making reports, rather than spewing biased opinions. However, Concha said, “That ain’t happening.”

Tim Young, radio host and political satirist, agreed with Concha. Young said that there is no coming back for MSNBC and CNN.

Young added that their programming was based on going after Trump; now that the Republican president is gone, these networks have run out of “clickbait-like fear” created from false stories that capture the attention of their viewers.