Veteran Democratic Campaign Strategist Arrested for Domestic Violence

Austin Durrer, the campaign manager of a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Florida, resigned from his position, citing a family emergency.

However, court records show he was arrested in a domestic violence case in his home state of Maryland, which forced him to resign from his position a couple of weeks before the midterm elections.  

Durrer is a veteran campaign strategist of the Democrat Party and campaigned with multiple liberal lawmakers in the past.

Top Democrat Endorsing Domestic Violence

Charlie Crist is a Democratic candidate looking to defeat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Austin Durrer, who had been working on the Crist campaign since 2016, was arrested in a domestic violence case.

Durrer is facing second-degree assault charges. Currently, Durrer is on bail on a $10,000 bond as the court ordered him to vacate his house and surrender his firearms to law enforcement.

The Dorchester County court will listen to Durrer’s case on December 7, in which he is expected to get a punishment of ten years in jail.

Durrer’s departure from Crist’s campaign was seen as a shady event by most of the media outlets, since the veteran campaign strategist left his long-time candidate just weeks before the midterm elections.

Crist’s campaign asserted Durrer was leaving for a family matter. After his departure, the spokesperson of Crist’s campaign, Samantha Ramirez, claimed that Durrer left to address a family issue.

Politico reported that media outlets tried to get the details of Durrer’s resignation, but the campaign continuously claimed he was leaving for a family emergency.

The court documents suggested Durrer was arrested in his home in Maryland. Local media outlets reported that Durrer and his wife owned a three-story house in Maryland in 2019. Durrer’s wife was the chief development officer of an Information Technology firm. 

Furthermore, the court documents also mentioned the date of birth of Durrer which is exactly the same date that is mentioned in the Capitol Hill staffers’ databases.

The same date of birth in both records suggest the domestic violence case was not against some random person with the same name.

Durrer Worked With Multiple Dems

Before working for Crist’s campaign, Durrer also worked on the campaign of former Democratic Congressman James Morrer.

In addition to that, Durrer has served in the Economics and Statistics Administration, which is the agency of the Department of Commerce, during the Obama administration.

Crist also hired Durrer for his Congressional campaign before his gubernatorial elections.

In 2016, Crist claimed Durrer brought a lot of knowledge and experience to his campaign. Similarly, Crist also suggested Durrer would help him in building a laser-focused campaign that would serve the best interests of Americans.

“Ron DeSantis” By Gage Skidmore

Meanwhile, Crist’s campaign is failing miserably to gain any traction in Florida, where incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis is heavily expected to win reelection.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.