Vaccinated WH Aide and Pelosi’s Staffer Tested Positive for COVID

A spokesperson for Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19 after meeting with Texas Democrat lawmakers last week. On Tuesday, Drew Hammill, a top aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, announced that a spokesperson for Pelosi’s press office tested positive for Coronavirus after meeting with Democrat lawmakers who fled to Washington last week. 

The senior spokesperson is fully vaccinated and tested positive for COVID-19 after meeting with Texas Democratic lawmakers

According to Hammill, the senior spokesperson is fully vaccinated. However, the staff contracted the virus after meeting with the lawmakers from Texas. Hammill assured that the senior spokesperson did not have recent contact with Pelosi, but as a result of this news, the office of the House Speaker is taking extra precautions. 

The top aide of Pelosi added that this senior spokesperson at Pelosi’s press office had no contact with the House Speaker since he was exposed last week. He added that the entire press office is working remotely except for people who have no exposure to the senior spokesperson or who tested negative for the virus. 

Hammill continued, stating that the office of the House Speaker will closely follow the guidance provided by the Office of Attending Physician. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Pelosi and her staff were seen wearing masks again at the Capitol. In recent weeks, many members of the House opted against the masks guidelines after the Capitol physician gave a go signal and loosened the mask restrictions. When Pelosi was asked about her staffer who tested positive, Pelosi answer, “I’m sorry he has it.” 

The House Speaker then added that it’s all the more reason for Americans to get vaccinated, wear masks, and take precautions against the virus. Pelosi later said that the decisions to bring masks back to the House of Representatives full time would be up to the Capitol physician. 

A fully vaccinated White House aide tested positive for COVID after attending an event in Washington on Wednesday.

In separate news, a White House official tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced mild symptoms after attending an event in Washington as Pelosi’s staffer was. The White House aide is also fully vaccinated. Accordingly, the White House medical unit conducted contract tracing.

Surprisingly, it was determined that there were no close contacts among White House staff and principals. On the other hand, a White House official told Fox News they know there might be a breakthrough of COVID cases. However, they maintained that the symptoms of COVID for vaccinated individuals are usually mild. 

The White House official also added that it is yet another reminder of the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines against hospitalization or severe illnesses. The news of COVID-positive aides and staffers came after six Texas Democrat lawmakers tested positive for COVID-19. They fled to Washington last week in an attempt to impede the special session where Republican lawmakers are seeking to pass election reforms.