US General: China Could Nuke America at Anytime

The vice-chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General John E. Hyten, warned the Biden administration about the imminent Chinese attack on the United States.

Since China tested its hypersonic missile system, the military leadership of the U.S. has continuously raised concerns about the disturbing balance of power in the region.

China has become capable of hitting the US anytime

John Hyten told CBS News Chinese hypersonic missiles went around the world and almost hit the intended targets within China after completing its course.

The general likewise emphasized that those missiles looked like first-use weapons to him, busting the Chinese claim the country has no first use nuclear policy.   

These comments from the top military leadership came a day after Biden and Xi Jinping’s virtual summit that is believed to offer no practical suggestions for the prevailing Sino-US tensions.

While it is unclear if both the presidents talked about hypersonic missiles in their meeting, Xi Jinping clearly warned Biden not to play with fire by meddling in Chinese affairs.

In addition to this, Hyten also warned the administration that soon enough, China could launch a surprise nuclear attack against the United States; this would be an event that would have consequences well beyond imagination.

The general believed these missiles are more detrimental than Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), which is the most pervasive technology in the world right now. However, ICBM can be tracked on radars, compared to the hypersonic missiles that are capable of moving too close to Earth to dodge any radar system.

General Mark Miley is the only higher-ranked military personnel than Hyten. Milley also warned the administration about Chinese hypersonic missile testing when he said these missions are the resemblance of the Sputnik program launched by the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, in contrast with Mark Miley, Hyten did not draw an analogy between these missiles and the Sputnik program of Russia. According to Hyten, this program raised more alarms in the United States back during the Cold War.

However, he advised the Biden administration to feel a sense of urgency this time in order to save the United States.

The Chinese military gained a breakthrough in pursuing its military might

According to reports, this achievement by China took many U.S. generals by surprise, as they had no idea how the country reached this milestone.

Admiral Charles Richard, a top-level nuclear policy official, labeled the event a “breakthrough expansion” of the Chinese military capability. According to him, this can allow the South Asian nation to launch any kind of offensive in the world.

Hyten also warned the U.S. against Chinese hypersonic missiles last month. In late October, he said while the U.S. has only done nine hypersonic missile tests, China has done hundreds of them.

Thus, he advised the Biden administration to change the course of the U.S. policy towards China or face the music. The general asserted the pace at which China embraced testing the hypersonic missiles is promising enough to outclass both Russia and the U.S. in the arms race.