Ukraine Blows Up Russian Airfield With Special Ops Raid in Crimea

(Video footage snapshot shows the explosions as visible from a Black Sea beach)

Ukraine appears to have carried out highly daring and efficient special operations deep inside Russian-controlled territory on the Crimea Peninsula.

It blew up a Russian airfield, destroying about a dozen aircraft on the ground, and caused major humiliation to Moscow and bloody Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Another Significant Military Defeat of Russian Aggressors

Russia’s losses have been so huge that even Putin’s regime appears to be increasingly on shaky grounds at home.

Ukrainians seem to be gaining the upper hand over the past few weeks, particularly since they have received from the United States a total of 16 HIMARS rocket artillery systems.

Russia’s overall war dead may be surpassing 80,000 when also counting mercenary, proxy, and auxiliary forces.

The latest major development in the Russian invasion of Ukraine occurred on Tuesday when a Russian air force base in Crimea suffered a series of explosions.

Unconfirmed reports that have emerged since then claim up to 10 Russian warplanes were destroyed on the ground, one Russian soldier was killed and 14 were wounded.

What exactly caused the blasts, however, has been a mystery until Wednesday morning.

(Map by The Daily Mail shows the location of the explosions 130 miles away from Ukrainian-held land)

Russian-Occupied Crimea is Panicking

Tuesday’s explosions in the Novofedorivka military base in the western part of the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula started at 3:30 pm local time.

They may have been caused by Ukrainian special forces, a Ukrainian government source told The Washington Post, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The source did not provide any details but if the information is correct, Ukrainian special forces pulled off a remarkable feat; the military airfield in question is located nearly a couple of hundred miles from the closest Ukrainian-held territory.

A number of videos showing the aftermath of the blasts from various angles have hit social media, including footage taken from a popular Black Sea beach.

Seeming afraid of acknowledging yet another military defeat at the hands of Ukrainians, Russia’s Ministry of Defense denied the airfield has been hit by Ukraine.

Instead, it claimed the explosions resulted from the detonation of aircraft munitions. A different Ukrainian official told The New York Times the Ukrainian military was involved in the attack on the Russian air force base.

The source noted the airfield has been frequently used by the Putin troops in order to strike targets in Southern Ukraine.

Speaking in a social media video on Tuesday night, Ukraine’s heroic President Volodymyr Zelensky did not mention the explosions in Crimea, but promised the peninsula will be liberated from Russia and returned to Ukraine.

He argued Ukraine would never give up Crimea. The war with Russia, which started in 2014 when Putin’s hordes attacked and conquered the peninsula, must end with Ukraine taking it back.

At the same time, videos of Russians fleeing Crimea have emerged on social media, revealing a sense of panic among those who resided on the peninsula that Ukraine may be able to target it.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.