U.S. Counties Passed Laws Against Biden’s Radical Anti-Gun Agenda

The majority of all counties in the United States have been named “Second Amendment sanctuaries”; this comes in response to the Biden administration’s radical anti-gun agenda. 

Most counties in the United States making moves to protect Second Amendment rights

There are 1,930 counties in the U.S., as of June 20, that have been protected by the Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation at their county or state level.

This represents 61% of the 3,141 counties in all 50 states in the nation, as well as the District of Columbia. 

When Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation into law, Texas became the 21st state to pass the bill. It will become effective on September 1 this year. 

Although some states are not looking at taking the same action, county officials opted to enact legislation that echoes the same outcomes. 

According to SanctuaryCounties.com, around 1,137 counties took it upon themselves to enact Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation; this is the same as what hundreds of counties did so far. 

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement originated from collective action at the local level. It was carried on by county or municipal leaders who promised not to enforce any state or federal government laws that they deem to be unconstitutional. 

Sheriffs backing legislation, protecting Second Amendment rights

On the other hand, sheriffs are also vowing to uphold our Second Amendment rights. Recently, each sheriff in Utah made the same pledge. 

In a letter signed by all 29 sheriffs in the state of Utah, they wrote that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly declares that the right of Americans to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” 

The letter continued, stating that they recognize this important principle under the Second Amendment; it goes on to add that the right to keep and bear arms is essential to the survival of the free people.

After Gov. Abbott signed the new Texas law, he announced that Texas is now a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State.”

A few months earlier, GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska also signed the same proclamation. The proclamation similarly gave Nebraska the sanctuary classification.

Republican Governor Mike Parson of Missouri also signed a bill nullifying federal gun laws in the state. 

The movement against anti-gun laws is rising, in light of the statements made by Biden that the federal government will be targeting firearm dealers.

Biden has also revealed his plan to link firearms dealers to the increasing number of shootings and homicides in major U.S. cities, allegedly due to lack of gun laws. 

Last week, Biden announced that his administration will find these firearms dealers and revoke their license to sell guns. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland supported Biden’s claims; the attorney general argued that although the majority of licensed firearms dealers sell guns to people who passed FBI background checks, these firearms dealers still “willfully violate the law.”

Garlamd also added that the plan of the Biden administration is in relation to the joint effort to track down gun traffickers.