Trump Warns U.S. Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan Will be “Re-Engineered”

The Biden administration was slammed by former President Trump for leaving in Afghanistan U.S. military equipment. Trump warned that the Taliban forces will be using the night vision goggles of the U.S. to facilitate night fighting.

Trump likewise stated that the Taliban will be shipping to China and other U.S. adversaries the “most sophisticated” equipment left behind to be “re-engineered.” 

Trump called Biden’s botched withdrawal of U.S. troops the “greatest embarrassment” in U.S. history

During an exclusive interview with Fox News, the former president criticized Biden’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Trump called the president’s choice the “greatest embarrassment” in U.S. history. Trump then claimed that the withdrawal made the U.S. look like it ran from the Taliban and surrendered. 

Trump then emphasized the U.S. has F-35 fighter jets, which he claimed were the “greatest” fighter jets in the world, and compared to this, the Taliban only has knives.

According to reports, U.S. forces disabled or destroyed almost dozens of aircraft and 100 combat vehicles before they left Kabul. Nevertheless, the Taliban acquired plenty of U.S. supplied night vision goggles, assault weapons, as well as other modern military technology. 

Trump then slammed the Biden administration for failing to disable any equipment. The former president later noted that if the equipment is not functioning, it would be very quick to fix, either with the help of Russia or China. 

Trump: The Biden administration left behind hundreds of advanced military equipment

The former president went on to praise the military capabilities of the U.S. machinery as being the “best” all over the world. He then gave a warning, stating that the Taliban forces are now able to fight at night (which they haven’t done in the past) with the U.S. night vision googles left behind. 

Trump noted that those U.S. night vision goggles were one of the greatest and most advanced tools in the world; now, thousands of them are in the hands of the Taliban. The former president continued, claiming that under his administration, they rebuilt the military by supplying it with beautiful and brand-new equipment.

However, the Biden administration handed a huge amount of this equipment to the Taliban. He added that the Taliban does not need all of the U.S. weaponry; they only need a few of the most sophisticated U.S. weapons to send over to Russia to be “re-engineered.” 

Former U.S. Army Colonel Heino Klinck worked as Trump’s deputy assistant secretary of defense and echoed the same sentiments. Klinck declared the potential for U.S. adversaries to try to “re-engineer” U.S. military weaponry as “highly probable.”

Klinck likewise noted that Russia and Iran would more than likely try to re-engineer the U.S. military equipment left in Afghanistan. However, he warned that China might be one of the greatest threats to do that.

It is not only about reverse-engineering the pieces of equipment; in most cases, it could also mean that whoever wants to reverse engineer it wants to reproduce the tools. They will find technical vulnerabilities in the equipment and then enhance it to their own advantage.