Trump Warns Republicans: Don’t Let Democrats Play You for “Losers”

On Monday, former President Trump warned Republicans concerning of being perceived as the “losers” by the Democrat Party; this pertains to infrastructure discussions as senators race to pass the deal this week. 

Trump gave Republican lawmakers a warning in relation to the infrastructure deal

In an emailed statement, Trump stated that Senate Republicans are absolutely being attacked by Democrats in the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. Trump added that Mitch McConnell, together with his small group of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), wanted nothing more than getting the deal done.

The former president also added that McConnell merely wants to show that he can work together with the far-left Democrats. Trump continued, stating that it is important for McConnell to show that he is agreeing with Democrats on almost anything.

The former president also suggested not to push through with the infrastructure deal; instead, Trump wants to wait until after Republicans get the proper midterm election results in 2022 to regain a stronger negotiating position. 

Trump ended his email by saying that Republicans should not let the “radical left” perceive them as “losers” and “week fools”.

Meanwhile, the negotiation to seal the infrastructure deal proceeded over the weekend. This happened after Republicans in the Senate defeated the procedural vote that was brought by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer; this vote would have sanctioned a debate on the $2.1 trillion infrastructure bill. 

However, senators are racing to get the bill on the floor before the scheduled recess of the Congress on August 9.

The White House has to give Republicans more flexibility

On Sunday, Republican Senator Rob Portman, one of the leading GOP senators, told ABC News that they are around 90% there. He also expressed hope to get the bill done by this week. 

The negotiations about the infrastructure bill hit a roadblock as to how much budget should be spent on public transit. One source gave a warning, however. 

This warning says that if the Democrats want the bill to be a success, the White House has to give Republicans more flexibility. The source added that Republican lawmakers made the bill very reasonable, as good-faith offers are in every step of the way. 

Other prominent negotiating points include the funding on water projects, highways, and whether they should use the unspent COVID relief funds to pay for the infrastructure bill.

Democrats are trying hard to pass the bilateral bill to fulfill the ideologies of the Democrat Party. The bill would need 60 votes to advance to the Senate. This means that it needs at least the support of 10 Republicans.

With just 50 Democrat members in the Senate, every single Democrat senator has to align with the party or else the bill won’t push through. 

On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her position in relation to the infrastructure deal. She stated that she is rooting for the bill to pass. Pelosi also congratulated Biden and other Democrat negotiators for their work.