Trump Teases on 2024 President Run: “I Know What I’m Going To Do”

Former President Trump teased a 2024 presidential run as he stopped at a police precinct in New York City and another neighboring firehouse in Manhattan. At the time, Trump was paying tribute to the first responders of 9/11 on its 20th anniversary.  

Trump was asked whether he has plans to run for president in 2024 or be mayor of New York

On Saturday, when a police officer asked if Trump has intentions to come back in 2024 or maybe run for mayor in New York City, Trump answered that it is a “tough question.” However, Trump eventually answered that for him, he knows what he is going to do.

Trump later said he should not be talking about his plans yet, looking at the viewpoint of campaign finance rules, which he believes are ridiculous. Yet, on a number of occasions this year, the former president has been saying that people are going to be pleased with his possible campaign choice.

As political leaders all over the country used the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to send a message of unity, the former president issued a statement and video earlier on Saturday. Trump criticized the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Afghanistan, amid the immediate take over of the Taliban forces. 

On the other hand, the Biden administration has been accused by some Democrats and Republicans of overvaluing the strength of the U.S.-backed Afghan forces/government and undervaluing the power of the Taliban. 

Meanwhile, hours before former President Trump visited the precinct, Biden attended the traditional name reading commemoration of those who died at Ground Zero. He was joined by Democrats former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

Republicans opted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11 in a different way

On the other hand, Republican former President George W. Bush (who was the president at the time of the 9/11 attack), delivered a message on Saturday at a memorial ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This is the site where one of the four hijacked planes crashed after flight passengers battled against the terrorists. 

The former president had the choice to attend the 9/11 ceremony, according to Liz Harrington, Trump’s spokeswoman. However, the former president decided to honor the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by conducting various stops.

Trump also delivered a virtual message earlier that day in a “Let Us Worship” event held at the National Mall in New York. Meanwhile, political polls show most Republicans want the former president to stay as the head of the party.

These polls also confirm the majority of Republicans would give Trump support if he ran for president again in 2024. Although, a recent survey implies that the people are divided on whether or not Trump would again win the White House if he starts another campaign.