Trump Slammed Biden’s Afghan Action

On Tuesday, former President Trump made a statement strongly condemning Biden and the unfolding catastrophe in Afghanistan. 

Trump to Biden: the situation in Afghanistan made the Saigon evacuation so small

In an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News on Tuesday, the former president told Hannity that the United States has never been so humiliated, calling Biden’s botched Afghan action a “military or psychological defeat.” 

Trump said that it is a terrible moment for the United States. He cannot think of any other instance in the history of the United States where we faced such humiliation as Biden  brought with his reckless actions.

Trump then added that no other situation has ever happened in the past as what is happening right now in Afghanistan. Trump said that the situation Biden created surpassed the Hostage Crisis in Iran back in 1979 under fellow Democrat President Jimmy Carter. 

Former President Trump also weighed in on whether Biden will cause a far worse hostage crisis, as the Taliban is now holding the Hamid Karzai International Airport surrounded by checkpoints.  Trump added that at present, you are talking about thousands of Americans who are still stranded in Afghanistan and are in a very dangerous situation. He added that this is a situation that is hard to believe.

Trump explained that the video footage showing desperate Afghans try to cling on the side of a U.S. Air Force plane (and later falling to their deaths as the airplane reached altitude), is making the 1975 airlift evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon look small. 

Trump noted that he spoke with the Taliban leader last year, warning them that they will be struck with force

The former president added that he was looking at a video of the U.S. cargo plane yesterday as the people were clinging on to its side, desperately trying to get out of Afghanistan as they feared for their lives. He said the people who tried to hold on got blown off from 2,000 feet up and no one has seen a scenario like that. 

The incident that happened makes the Helicopter evacuation in Saigon Vietnam so small it cannot compete. Trump declared that the situation is the most humiliating thing that he has ever seen.  

Trump reiterated the words he said to the Taliban leader, stating that he told Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar upfront that if any harm came to Americans (or anybody else) or if the Taliban ever attempted to come to the United States, they would be struck with a force that no other country has ever seen before.

However, this deal seems to be moot, as the insurgents stormed throughout the country and took control of the capital in a few days, while Westerners and Americans are still trapped inside Afghanistan.