Joe Biden’s Lead in Arizona Narrows to Just 68,000 Votes

"President Trump Delivers Remarks" (public domain) by The White House

Trump is tracking to win the State of Arizona as Joe Biden’s lead narrows to just 68,000 votes. This happened after a recent batch of absentee ballots had heavily favored the Republican candidate.

These new numbers gave life to President Trump’s supporters’ theory that there is still a chance to win the election.

Last Wednesday and earlier this Thursday, President Trump won the batches of 140,000 additional ballots that were coming from Maricopa county. This made the margin between Biden and Trump narrower with just 57-40, almost exactly the margin President Trump needs in all the state’s outstanding ballots to win.

After these additional ballots were counted, the statewide totals stood at 50.49%, with 1,469,341 ballots for Biden and 48.14% with 1,400,951 for Trump. However, there is still an estimated number of 400,000 votes that had yet to be counted in the state of Arizona as of early Thursday.

Although media outlets, including the Associated Press, had already calculated that Biden would win Arizona, the latest numbers had given Trump’s camp some hope to win the election.

Meanwhile, Paul Bentz, a Republican pollster, told the Arizona Republic that President Trump has to win 57.6% of the total ballots in the state of Arizona to surpass Biden’s lead. These numbers are almost the same margin by which the latest batch of absentee ballots has given. However, the Republican candidate has to perform the same way all across the state. This includes areas that lean more to Democrats.

Bentz also stated last Wednesday’s news was the best that Trump’s camp could hope for and that President Trump still “has a shot.”

If President Trump can convert Arizona to his company, he could still emerge victorious even after losing in one of these states, Nevada, Georgia, or North Carolina.

“President Trump in PA” (public domain) by The White House

However, if Biden will win Arizona, all three states mentioned are must-win states for President Trump. In either of these scenarios, the Republican candidate should win Pennsylvania to be reelected.

On the other hand, President Trump supporters surrounded the polling station chanting “stop the steal” and “count my vote” after rumors had circulated that votes for Trump were deliberately not being counted. Some can be seen armed with rifles and handguns as they gathered outside the voting station.

A similar scenario was seen on Wednesday afternoon in downtown Detroit. The city election officials blocked around 30 voters, mostly Republicans, from entering the vote counting hall amid unfounded claims that the vote count was fraudulent.

Also, on Election night, news outlets such as Fox News and Associated Press had already declared Arizona for Joe Biden even though only 70% of the votes had been counted. This move infuriated President Trump and his aides.

In relation to this, roughly 200 protesters chanted “Shame on Fox!” as a line of armed county sheriffs faced them.

With the counting of votes still underway in some key states, President Trump accused Democrats of attempting to steal the election. The Trump campaign had also filed lawsuits in multiple states in relation to the counting of votes.

The Republican candidate still sees some hopes that the outstanding votes could still close the gap.