Trump Jr.: Some “Lunatics” are Governing the Democrat Party

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. slammed the Biden administration for its series of failures this year. Included among the issues highlighted were the ongoing migration crisis, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and pushing for woke culture.

Trump Jr.: The Democrat Party is being run by the likes of Ocasio-Cortez

The son of former President Trump alleged the Democrat Party is driving the United States into chaos; he said the party is run by some “lunatics,” adding these crises in the country are unprecedented. The eldest Trump son also alleged the Democrats are giving illegal immigrants better treatment than Americans.

Don, who’s an outspoken Republican activist, likewise claimed the Democrat Party does not have moderates among them who care about the apparent issues in the country. He added the likes of far-left Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez radically changed the culture of the Democrat Party.

Trump Jr. also called out the Democrat Party, claiming they are concerned about everyone else, except their own people. He then busted the socialist agenda of Democrats, claiming they are using taxpayer money on illegal immigrants to fund various programs.

Calling the liberal party a “clown show,” Don also criticized the president and his administration for forcing COVID vaccines on Americans while not requiring illegal immigrants to have them.

Later, he noted these migrants are even free to roam around within the country without getting tested or getting vaccinated.

The Republican supporter then emphasized how an American living in New York City cannot even go to the gym, school, or ride public transportation without getting the shot first.

On the other hand, illegal immigrants apprehended at the border can travel around the country without a COVID shot.

Democrats focus on petty things, instead of addressing pressing issues

The Republican supporter also criticized how the Biden administration is focusing on petty things (such as the people present at Capitol Hill back on January 6) instead of looking at human traffickers, drug cartels, and sex traffickers swarming the U.S. borders.

Don then warned the socialist agenda pushed for by the Democrat Party (particularly the president) is causing harmful effects for the liberals. He added the consequences of their actions could be felt during the midterm elections.

He then censured social media companies for silencing Republicans and acting as a “marketing tool” for the Democrat Party. The “soft-hearted” policies against China were likewise mentioned by Don, who called the military leadership under the Biden administration “clown generals.”

He then mentioned how there are hundreds of aircraft continuously flying above Taiwan as China undermines the sovereignty of the nation. Don declared instead of focusing on military issues like this, the military officials are busy pushing for critical race theory within the military service force.