Trump Goes to Ohio for New Campaign Rally

"President Trump Boards Air Force One" (Public Domain) by The White House

Campaigning by holding in-person rallies continues to be a strong suit in President Trump’s political arsenal.

Over the course of the businessman-turned-president’s time in politics, he has consistently garnered huge crowds of enthusiastic supporters. It is not uncommon for Trump rally attendees to chant, cheer, and bring American flags, MAGA signage, and the like.


Despite Democrats’ attempts to bully President Trump out of rallying with supporters, the rallies maintain. Yesterday, the 45th president spent time in Ohio during a rally where he spoke with supporters about a number of important issues, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Monday’s Ohio-based Trump Rally

During President Trump’s time in Ohio, he talked about manufacturing jobs, beating COVID-19, reviving the economy, and more. Each of these matters are pressing issues, especially as Americans work to rebuilt and come back from damages that stem from coronavirus restrictions.

The president also spoke well of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) for finally reopening the state. The Republican governor has, however, come under fire from his own party for the ways in which he’s responded to coronavirus this year. Even certain attendees at the president’s rally booed yesterday, upon hearing the mention of DeWine’s name.

While talking about policy matters and giving Governor DeWine props for reopening Ohio, Trump also warned about the danger of electing Biden into the White House. Trump stated that if Biden ascended to the presidency, he would “surrender” to China, coronavirus, and the radical left.

Trump then panned the former vice president for his prior support of certain trade deals that ultimately killed manufacturing jobs and factories here in the states.

The Biden Campaign on Monday

Yesterday, Joe Biden and his handlers spent time in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. During this period, the former vice president chose to gloss over his unfortunate history of enriching China’s economy.

Rather than facing facts, Biden attempted to win votes in Wisconsin by promising to restore manufacturing jobs here in America. The Democrat nominee also took swipes at President Trump on multiple occasions, stating that the president “didn’t think” about coronavirus when it first began.

This, of course, is fallacious. During the president’s State of the Union Address this year, he specifically addressed COVID-19; Trump also took steps to halt the spread of the virus while Democrats chose to twiddle their thumbs and focus on impeachment.

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