Trump Details Record of Accomplishments for the Black Community

"President Trump Visits St. John’s Episco" (Public Domain) by The White House

Over the course of President Trump’s time in the White House, Democrats have repeatedly accused him of racism.

These accusations come without evidence or merit; yet the left makes a habit of continuing to perpetuate false narratives. As many people have figured out by this point, false narratives are the only recourse for Democrats since they cannot credibly challenge the president’s record.


As the 2020 presidential election plays out, the left is doing all they can to fearmonger. They know that a candidate like Joe Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump; therefore, Democrats’ only hope is that their accusations of racism will stick if screamed loudly and often enough.

However, President Trump is pushing back against the false narratives against him. On Wednesday, the president defended his work since taking office, shining light on how his presidency has aided the black community, reports sources.

Trump on His Presidency and the Black Community

Yesterday morning, Trump stated via Twitter that his service to the black community in 3.5 years as president outweighs Joe Biden’s 43 years in politics. In so doing, Trump also pointed out the negative impact that Biden’s support of the 1994 crime bill had on the black community.

Since President Trump took office, black unemployment numbers have reached record lows. Additionally, the president is responsible for signing the First Step Act; this critical piece of legislation helps people get a second chance at a good life following prison sentences.

Trump’s presidency has additionally led to millions of new jobs and a decline of illegal immigration, both of which positively influence the black community.

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