Trump Denies Claims He Was Hiding Nuclear Information

On Friday morning, President Trump responded to the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

According to a story leaked to the press, the raid was done because Trump is believed to have possibly mishandled sensitive and classified nuclear information.

Trump demanded the FBI release all the documents and materials they seized at his home and said the claims against him are all just a hoax.

Trump has been right numerous times before in calling out hoaxes and plots against him. Is this time different?

A History of Hoaxes

Let’s be clear about this: the Russiagate collusion was a hoax; the Mueller investigation was a hoax and so were the two failed impeachment trials against Trump including trying to blame him for January 6.

Of course, January 6 is a wild card the Democrats still haven’t let go and they’re pursuing that one with all their might.

Whereas this FBI raid puts a whole new dangerous element into the mix. The search operation that took place on Monday, August 8, at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, appears to have been a politically motivated hit job.

One of the former president’s fears, and absolutely legitimate, by the way, was that agents could plant false evidence. He has very good reason to fear this.

After all, do you remember the Christopher Steele Dossier case? It’s when a British spy helped fake evidence against Trump to try to steal the election from him in collusion with the Democrats and the Clinton machine.

WaPo Leaks Story

On Thursday, August 11, the Washington Post broadcasted the search for documents on nuclear weapons, but the report did not show anything conclusive.

The search went on for almost 15 hours and the attack and break-in at his home is absurd.

According to Trump, this whole operation is of people who have been after him for more than six years; they are radical Democrats and political opponents with an interest in seeing him far away from American politics.

In the face of all this, Trump has a reason to be suspicious.

The FBI and federal government have a long history of extremely untrustworthy and shady plots, including planting evidence, inciting violence, and even arranging a kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer that eventually was busted.

Could they now be a politicized arm of the Biden regime and its plot to disempower Trump and end the MAGA movement? Of course, they could.

The Bottom Line

If Trump was really hiding nuclear secrets, why would the government wait 16 months to raid him and why would Joe Biden claim he didn’t even know about the raid?

Their lies are multiplying like an out-of-control monkeypox virus.

Trump said this whole operation is just a hoax. Sounds more like a circus act where clowns tend to distract you with made-up jokes while a lot of serious stuff is going on outside.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.