Trump: Democrats are Intentionally IGNORING Afghan Issues

Former President Trump has schooled the incumbent Biden administration for the Afghanistan mess it created, due to the hasty withdrawal. The former president believes Democrats are intentionally ignoring the discussion of the issue to now avert criticism.

Trump: Biden administration is purposefully avoiding Afghanistan issues

Giving an interview with Fox News, Trump said Democrats purposefully do not talk about the Afghanistan issue anymore. Likewise, he added Democrats stopped mentioning it just a couple of days after the withdrawal.

Trump chastised Biden for “surrendering,” instead of making a proper withdrawal from the war-ravaged nation. He further added this withdrawal was one of the most embarrassing moments in US history, asserting the country may not recover from it in the long run.

The former president praised his administration’s decision regarding the withdrawal, saying he was the one behind the landmark deal with the Taliban. Likewise, Trump added he brought down the troops to 2,500 in the country.

While Trump declared he was also going to pull out troops from Afghanistan, he was going to come out from the country with strength, not humiliation as Biden did.

Trump also scolded Biden for leaving the Bagram airbase unattended, a decision that could trigger the Chinese occupation of the airbase. The former president said the US under his leadership was never going to leave the Bagram airbase because it is just next to China’s nuclear facility.

Similarly, Trump also warned the Biden administration China would take over the Bagram airbase soon, due to America’s apparent disinterest in it.

Military leadership is also responsible for the prevailing chaos

Meanwhile, the former president also chastised the Biden administration for not keeping the military in Afghanistan until the evacuation of the civilians. Trump added if he were president during the withdrawal, he would not have left the Bagram airbase for China.

Similarly, Trump also revealed he was going to withdraw all vulnerable people, as well as the equipment which the Taliban captured in the aftermath of Biden’s withdrawal.

The former president said while 13 US soldiers died due to Biden’s faulty withdrawal practices, many others were severely wounded; this would have been avoided under Trump’s envisioned withdrawal.

Trump then blamed generals for the unfortunate unfolding of the events, saying they had the choice to avoid this disaster. He added generals could have convinced Biden to act in a safe manner to avoid a chaotic withdrawal.

Pentagon leadership has repeatedly stated they advised Biden to maintain a presence in the country with almost 2,500 soldiers. However, their suggestions were ignored by President Biden.

While the previous administration set an all-inclusive strategy to withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan, Biden defied all logic right after coming to power.

Despite the fact Biden extended the deadline of Trump, he did not start the withdrawal until the eleventh hour, which sparked chaos in the country.