Trump Demands $10 Trillion “Reparations” From China

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On Saturday, former President Trump went back to the political scene when he made a speech at the Republican Convention in North Carolina. In his speech, the former president called for China to pay the U.S. “reparations” for COVID-19 related damages. 

Trump said that all nations should act together, giving China a bill for the minimum amount of $10 trillion as a form of compensation for damages. He then added that this figure is already lower than how much it should be. 

The former president later suggested a big move. Trump said the first step that the countries should do is to cancel whatever debt they owe to China. He said that this will serve as a down payment for the reparations. 

Trump also added that the U.S. should add a 100% tax on any goods that are imported from China. 

Trump echoed sentiments from Republicans

In the speech on Saturday night, Trump also echoed the same opinions that Republicans have on the Hill. The former president went after Dr. Fauci for modifying his position on the importance of wearing masks at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Trump criticized Fauci, noting that the infectious disease expert said powerfully (at the beginning of the pandemic) that masks were not necessary. Then, all of a sudden Fauci morphed into a “radical masker.”

“White House Coronavirus Update Briefing” (Public domain) by Trump White House Archived

Trump, who is known for his strong opinions, added that Fauci is a “nice guy”. However, the former president said that Fauci isn’t much of a great doctor, but rather a “great promoter.” These comments were met by laughs from the audience. 

Trump added that during his administration, he went the “opposite way” of Fauci. 

Earlier this week, emails to and from Dr. Fauci were released through Freedom of Information Act requests.

In the emails, it revealed that during the early days of the pandemic, Fauci was advising people not to wear masks. It turned out that he has ulterior motives for saying so; Fauci wanted to save the supply for health care workers in order to prevent shortage. 

Yet, as coronavirus escalated all over the United States, he and other officials reversed their mask guidance; they eventually advised Americans to start wearing masks in public places. 

Trump reiterated the problems with the 2020 election

During the speech, former President Trump also reiterated his claims in relation to the integrity of the 2020 elections. This opinion from Trump resulted in his two-year ban from Facebook. 

Trump added that he is “not too interested” in Facebook allowing him to return in two years. 

Previously, Trump claimed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke the law by spending millions on promoting voting in Democratic-led states in the country. 

He then expressed his frustrations. Trump said there was a “systematic attack” against people’s rights when Facebook blocks posts and accounts of people who propose the election was rigged.

Despite targeting some of the biggest and most sensitive issues that the U.S. face, the former president kept his speech jolly at times. Trump also commented on the abrupt growth of his youngest son.

Trump said that Barron Trump is already at 6’7” at only 15 years old. Then, he jokingly told his supporters that his older son, on the other hand, Eric is “short.”

The former president said that Eric is only 6’6”, adding that the family loves “our Eric.”