Trump Demanded China to Pay $60 Trillion for Leaking COVID

Donald Trump has demanded China must pay a hefty amount of reparations for playing a critical role in the pandemic.

Speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Trump noted the communist country is responsible for the virus spread, so it should be treated as such.

Trump is asking China to heal global economies

The former president, who is still the leading voice in the GOP, further claimed China did not have the money to pay for these reparations, saying China could not escape the situation by staying silent.

Likewise, he stated if the worldwide estimates about reparations have to be delivered by China, the country would need to pay nearly $60 trillion in total. Trump added he was talking about the COVID impacts on the whole world, not just the United States.

Claiming China has done horrible things to the whole world, Trump stated if China does not have $60 trillion, it has to contribute at least something to ease the burden on global economies.

The latest numbers of John Hopkins University indicated that due to the virus, over 5.3 million deaths occurred worldwide. However, the Biden administration has given a clean chit to the South Asian giant refusing to tie the origins of the pandemic with a Chinese laboratory.

Claiming China has done terrible things to the entire world, Trump said COVID origins are so obvious that anyone turning their eyes away is making a fool out of themselves.

Scientists claimed lab leak theory was NOT a hoax

In May, scientists noted that further work needs to be done by the administration to reach the origins of the COVID pandemic.

The scientists believed both theories, i.e., the lab leak theory and the transmission of the virus from animals to humans remain viable, and nothing can be ruled out.

However, the Chinese government is vocal in denying the allegations, saying the virus was not leaked from Wuhan’s lab. Likewise, the international media failed to pinpoint COVID’s origins, even after visiting China.

However, the World Health Organization’s chief lambasted Chinese authorities for limiting access to facilities that could have been proven consequential, had China allowed the access.

Similarly, he also questioned WHO’s report, which ruled out the possibility of lab leak theory.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the WHO, noted before canceling the possibility of the lab leak theory, the team had to do an extensive study before deciding not to continue with such an important parameter.

A hefty amount of authorities believe the virus’ origins in the laboratory cannot be ruled out, as the Chinese authorities were conducting research into the virus.

One of the researchers was even shocked when she knew the virus started in Wuhan, noting that nowhere in the world would it have been a coincidence.