Trump Campaign Accused the Debate Commission of “Pro-Biden Antics”

"President Trump Travels to North Carolina" (public domain) by The White House

The Commission on Presidential Debates was being accused by President Donald Trump of being “swamp monsters” who were helping Joe Biden dodge the questions about his son’s suspicious business dealings.

The Trump Campaign formally petitioned to tear up the list of topics set for the final debate to focus on “foreign policy” in an effort to shift the subject and lead to the story about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who’s business dealings with Ukraine and China sent political shockwaves all over America in the past few days.

Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager, sent the formal letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, asking them to replace the chosen topics by Kirsten Welker, the moderator.

Stephen stated, “For the good of campaign integrity, and for the benefit of the American people, we urge you to rethink and reissue a set of topics for the October 22 debate with an emphasis on foreign policy,”

Furthermore, Trump’s campaign manager argued that the topics that were covered in the first presidential debate – Fighting Coronavirus, Race in America, Climate Change, American Families, National Security, and Leadership – have turned the entire debate season into a fiasco.

Stephen further accused that the Commission of being pro-Biden stating that “The Commission’s pro-Biden antics have turned the entire debate season into a fiasco and it is little wonder why the public has lost faith in its objectivity,” he wrote.

Moreover, Trump’s senior adviser, Jason Miller, complained that the final Presidential debate was supposedly set to be focused on foreign policy but Miller charged that the Commissioners, with whom he described as “swamp dinosaurs”, switched the topics into a multi-topic format at the request of the Biden campaign.

Miller on a press call on Monday said that the presidential debate is supposedly about foreign policy. He further stated that, what’s happening now is the same as what happened in 2016, and it is being like that election after election. To quote he further stated “The debate commission is now trying to change the rules and make this about a whole host of different issues. And we believe this is the request of the Biden campaign,”

Trump campaign and the President himself have been pushing about the Hunter Biden story, saying that this shows how Joe Biden was a “criminal.”

When lashed out a reporter last Monday asked the President about that strategy, he stated “He is a criminal. He got caught, and you know who is a criminal here? You’re criminal for not reporting it,”

Final Presidential Debate

“President Trump Travels to Pennsylvania” public domain) by The White House

The final presidential debate is set to be held on October 22, Thursday, at Belmont University in Nashville.

It will run for 90 minutes without commercial breaks and the format will be the same as the first presidential debate.

NBC’s Kristen Welker which will sit as the moderator chose the following topics:

Fighting COVID-19
American Families
Race in America
Climate Change
National Security

This Thursday’s debate will mark the final debate for Trump and Biden before election day on November 3.

This comes after the second presidential debate was canceled as the President

Thursday marks the final head-to-head for Trump and Biden before November 3. It comes after the second presidential debate was canceled after the President tested positive for Coronavirus and refused to participate in the virtual debate that was organized for them.

In place of the second presidential debate, the Presidential nominees attended dueling town hall meetings on different networks.

For the third and final debate, President Trump’s advisers are pushing him to take a different approach compared the what happened in the first debate where the President was criticized for talking over his Democratic rival and repeatedly interrupting him.

Although the format for the last debate will be the same, the President’s advisers urged him to be more likable, including trying to use a softer tone and telling jokes.

However, President Trump is expected to hit hard on the issue about the former Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, and the story about him that has been circulating on social media in the past few days.