Trump and Biden’s Competing Rallies in Florida

"U.S. Elections" (public domain) by GPA Photo Archive

On Thursday, both Presidential nominees, headed to Florida to hold their respective campaign rallies hours apart as the candidates tries to chase votes in the swing state which is crucial factor to win the election. 

President Trump and Joe Biden headed to Florida as they held on the state which is a crucial battleground to win the Presidency. Both of the presidential candidates will hold their campaign rally in Tampa, Florida where they will make their speech and encourage voters to vote for them.

Florida, which is now the President’s home state, is also a state with the most Electoral College votes.

President Trump is relying on the GOP’s data operation efforts which is called as “poll flushing.” Poll flushing is where candidates will monitor precinct lists to know who has voted and who has not yet voted. This will give the presidential nominee a boost of votes on the Election day. 

The Republican National Committee, who have more than 3,000 field staff and has claimed to have more than 2.5 million volunteers, stated that they will use this data to reach out to supporters of President Trump who have not yet voted to ensure that they will get to the polls and vote. 

Trump party spokesperson, Mandi Merritt stated, “We will continue our historic voter outreach efforts by knocking on over 4.5 million doors and making 15 million more calls to ensure voters turn out to the polls and vote for President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot,”

Different in campaign strategies in Florida

Although both Presidential nominees will be holding campaign rallies at the same state, the manner on how it will be delivered varies.

President Trump held his midday rally in a lot outside Buccaneer’s Stadium which is also an early voting location in the county of Hillsborough. 

This close proximity to the polling station will seriously amp up voter turnout for the President before, during and after the campaign rally while those who are looking to cast their early votes will be there at that specific location. 

Although electioneering is not allowed within 150 feet from a polling station, the campaign rally hosted by President Trump is technically on the outside the no-electioneering boundary. This means that there is nothing that can stop the President from holding the campaign rally in the venue despite furious backlash from the Biden campaign. 

In relation to this, the Hillsborough County election supervisor already released a statement that gives a warning to voters of the possible traffic delays. 

President Trump’s campaign rally was attended by thousands of supporters as they gathered in the venue. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden held his campaign event on Thursday evening in a drive in rally-style to ensure that social distancing is being observed. 

In the campaign rally in Florida, Joe Biden framed his closing statement to voters by focusing on responsible management of the coronavirus pandemic. He said, “Even if I win, it’s going to take a lot of hard work to end this pandemic, I do promise this: We will start on day one doing the right things.”

On the other hand, the Presiden promises that the country is already on its way to “vanquish the virus.” As he has scheduled more ambitious campaign schedule in the last few days til the election compared to Joe Biden, who sometimes hold virtual rallies instead of attending to one in person. 

After the campaign rally in Tampa Florida, the President will travel with 

the first lady to Fayetteville, North Carolina for another rally. 

Joe Biden on the other hand will head to three more states that President Trump won in the last 2016 election, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He will be holding a joint Saturday rally in these states with the former President, Barack Obama