Trump Accepts Biden Call About Coronavirus

"Donald Trump sign" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Since coronavirus became an issue in America, the Democrat Party has seized the opportunity to go after President Trump.

Some of the latest, left-wing talking points allege that Trump ignored the virus, despite warnings from health officials. Then, there are Democrats who initially claimed that Trump’s travel restrictions against China were “xenophobic,” although they’ve walked that back after doctors confirmed the efficacy of said travel restrictions.


One of the Democrats to shift gears in this manner is none other than Joe Biden. The 2020 presidential candidate has repeatedly attacked Trump’s manner of handling COVID-19; although yesterday, Biden followed through on his previously-expressed interest of calling the president to discuss COVID-19.

Trump and Biden on Coronavirus

On Monday evening, the president confirmed that he discussed COVID-19 with Joe Biden. Trump informed the press of such matters during yesterday’s White House press briefing on the notorious virus. Furthermore came the praise of the conversation as “very friendly” before Trump explained that he and Biden agreed to keep specific, discussed points between themselves.

According to Trump, the phone call with the former vice president went on for about 15 minutes. During the talk, both politicians shared their viewpoints with one another; although the president made it a point to note that he listened to Biden’s ideas on stopping COVID-19.

Why Did Biden Choose to Call Trump?

Many Americans view the former vice president’s decision to speak with Trump as an attempt to regain relevance. While Trump is front and center in the fight against coronavirus, Biden can barely get much of America to watch his virtual interviews, conferences, and other programs.


As of late, Biden’s made headlines for attacking Trump, calling for a “virtual” Democrat National Convention, and now his talk with the president. Only time will tell what Biden does next in order to prevent America from forgetting about his candidacy.

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