Transcript of Andrew Cuomo’s Sexual Investigation Released

New York Attorney General Letitia James released transcripts of former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s interview with investigators. These investigators probed Cuomo for sexually harassing a number of women while in office.

Cuomo vehemently denied charges against him, called the probe a conspiracy

Since the start of the inquiry against Cuomo, his lawyer Rita Glavin repeatedly asked the attorney general to unveil documents related to the investigations.

During the probe, Cuomo was asked if Lindsey Bolan, one of his accusers, looked like his girlfriend; in response, Cuomo started cross-talking with the investigator on the definition of ‘girlfriend.’

The former governor lambasted one investigator, Joon H. Kim, in particular, more than anyone else during his testimony. It should be noted Kim was the top prosecutor in Manhattan’s attorney general office, which made Cuomo question his impartiality.

The former New York governor likewise stated the involvement of Kim in his case is “bizarre,” alleging some ethical and legal problems. 

During the whole process, Cuomo appeared rather arrogant, as he got himself involved in aggressive talks with the investigators.

When Cuomo was reminded of his rights before the investigations, he replied he was the former attorney general, so he knew the rights of everybody involved in the prosecution.

Defending his case, Cuomo stated had he touched any women during his time in office, these accusations were rather incidental and not intentional. Likewise, Cuomo asserted even his female workers kissed him on the lips during his governorship.

Although Cuomo resigned from office, the former governor has been consistent in his efforts to denounce the charges against him. He labeled the allegation as a politically-motivated conspiracy by the attorney general.

The attorney general will become eligible to run in next year’s gubernatorial election, after the downfall of Cuomo. During the 11-hour testimony, Cuomo continued defying the charges against him.

Cuomo will serve a jail term, if found guilty

In late July and early August, at least 11 women accused then-Governor Cuomo of inappropriate or non-consensual touching. Later on, the same accusations led to Cuomo’s resignation, although he never accepted his crimes.

When allegations against Cuomo surfaced, the former governor faced criticism from Democrat ranks as well; even Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi asked him to resign.

New York Democrats started studying the impeachment procedure to push Cuomo out of office. However, he resigned on August 10, paving the way for proper investigations against him.

The release of the reports against Cuomo is the second and most recent major development in his case. Last month, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office filed a criminal complaint against the former governor for a sex crime, which demanded Cuomo’s appearance in court.

If Cuomo is found guilty, he is bound to serve a jail term; this will also give a hit to Democrats’ popularity in the deeply blue state of New York.