Tragic! Marine Victim’s Brother Commits Suicide One Year Later

"Men's mental health shouldn't be sidelined" by U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa

A great number of Marines were lost during the Afghanistan withdrawal mission, leaving dozens of families devastated by the loss of their loved ones. One of the family members of a deceased soldier paid the ultimate price.

Slightly less than a year after Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui became one of the 13 men and women killed during the August 26th suicide bomber attack at a Kabul airport, Nikoui’s older brother, 28-year-old Dakota Halverson, decided he didn’t want to carry on without his sibling.

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Men’s mental health shouldn’t be sidelined

On August 9th, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Halverson had taken his own life at his brother’s memorial. Many of the officials demanded that someone be held accountable for the carnage related to the poorly orchestrated withdrawal from the country.

Representative Mike Waltz urged us to pray for Nikoui’s family, retweeting a post from Julio Rosas, a reporter who’s been a major help in gathering the funds necessary for the family dealing with their two sons’ deaths.

Nikoui’s mother, Shana Chapel, started a GoFundMe to help facilitate Halverson’s burial wishes, which included being buried next to his little brother Kareem Nikoui, who died serving his country.

As of Sunday last week, the fundraiser had almost reached its $20k goal, gathering well over $18k in a matter of days, showing things really can work out, if we manage to work together.

Biden refuses to take the blame

Once we set our differences aside, it becomes very clear the only common enemy is Biden. Given his dwindling approval rating, it’s highly likely the Democrats will soon be giving up on the 79-year-old president themselves.

Despite multiple hints at running for office once again in 2024, many point out Biden is a career politician. He has next to no business experience, making him a less-than-favorable option for the Democrats looking to make a change with their vote.

Additionally, the right-leaning crowd hasn’t been onboard with this Biden fiasco from the very start. Just about anyone voting red will tell you exactly what they disagree with when it comes to Biden’s governing of the country.

The deceased Marine’s father, Steve Nikoui, has spoken up on the matter, shedding considerable amounts of criticism on Biden’s military officer, Mark A. Milley, who’s partially to blame for how things went down in Afghanistan in the end.

Regardless of who’s to blame, nothing will bring back the lives lost over a major lapse in judgment. Someone has to take the fall for it sooner or later; albeit the Democrats aren’t strangers to throwing their own under the bus.

Collateral victims like Dakota Halverson will continue to pop up as long as the left continues to ignore the damage they’ve done. If that should happen, a great number of young men’s and women’s lives will be lost forever.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.