The Year of 2021 Under the Biden Administration

Since Biden assumed the office of president of the United States, he’s struggled to manage a lot of things in 2021.

Here are some of the top highlights of how the year 2021 unfolded for Americans.

January to August: Biden performing more poorly than expected

On January 20th, Joe Biden took an oath as the 46th president of the United States. However, his inauguration ceremony had something unusual, i.e., the absence of the outgoing president.

On January 8, 2021, Donald Trump announced he would not attend Biden’s inauguration, becoming the fourth president in the history of the country to do this. However, Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, did attend Biden’s inauguration.

As the coronavirus pandemic continued shattering the world, the US recorded 500,000 pandemic-related deaths on February 22. Currently, this number has crossed 800,000, as the pandemic is about to enter the new year.

The month of April came with big news for Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters, as Derek Chauvin, Minneapolis’ former police officer, was found guilty in George Floyd’s murder case. Later on, he was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the same crime.

America’s everlasting war on terror ended with a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, as Biden rushed to pull US troops out of the country, leaving a score of Americans behind.

13 US soldiers were killed in a bomb blast outside Kabul airport in the final moments of the US withdrawal.

September to December: Biden’s nightmares came true

With illegal immigrants coming to the United States in big numbers, the video of Border Patrol agents trashing Haitian immigrants went viral. The episode sparked the much-needed debate over the stricter border control policies.

However, Democrats kept on ignoring the matter, with more and more immigrants continuing to enter the US in subsequent months. Reportedly, the apprehensions at the southern border touched new heights in 2021.

While the logjam was building up at the US shores since the beginning of the year, the supply chain crisis started worsening in September.

This resulted in unprecedented inflation in the upcoming months. Inflation in the country rose to a 31 year high in November, with prices of basic necessities surging up to an unimaginable extent.

The rising wave of great resignations encouraged many Americans to leave their jobs to find better employment opportunities. Almost one in every four Americans left their job until November 2021.

In an off-year election, Republicans put on an impressive show, outplaying Democrats in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin stood victorious in a state which Joe Biden won by more than ten percentage points in the 2020 presidential election.

After seeing a long stalemate, congressional Democrats passed the infrastructure legislation on November 6. While some progressive Democrats did not vote for the measure, 13 House Republicans voted with Democrats to help them pass a bill that was otherwise not possible.

The hopes of pro-life advocates rejuvenated on December 1 when the US Supreme Court started hearing arguments against Roe v. Wade.

While the court has not reached any verdict yet, experts still believe the conservative-dominated Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe, which would ban abortion in most US states.