The House is in CHAOS and Pelosi Cannot Control It

Some locals of Washington D.C. are now saying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is NOT in control of the liberal lawmakers, particularly the progressive members of the Democrat Party. 

Nancy Pelosi does not have control over the House

In an interview with Washington D.C. locals, they voiced their concerns on how the House Speaker shows an apparent lack of authority over Democrats. However, some acknowledged Pelosi is doing an “amazing job.” 

One D.C. local also emphasized how Congress is divided, stating even the Democrats have their own caucuses within the party and that speaks volumes. Another man continued, stating the House Speaker is attempting to please every single member of the House. 

On Friday night, the lawmakers in the House passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan President Biden has been pushing for, making it a “big win” for the Democrat Party and the administration. 

The bill finally broke the weeks-long deadlock between moderates and progressives. It can be noted Pelosi initially intended to hold votes for both the Build Back Better plan and the infrastructure bill.

However, Pelosi was forced to abort the plan after some moderate members of the House demanded to wait for the numbers coming from the Congressional Budget Office. On the other hand, some Republicans and Democrat moderates are accusing Democrats of hiding the real cost of the bill. 

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin called Biden’s bill “budget gimmicks”

Senator Joe Manchin, a vocal moderate Democrat, stated the Biden administration is playing “budget gimmicks” and “shell games” by attempting to use the fake tag of the price of the social spending legislation.

The Democrat senator then claimed the price of the bill is bigger than the actual amount, stating the bill is expected to be DOUBLE to what the people and the lawmakers believe. 

Manchin likewise called the bill a recipe for a U.S. economic crisis, giving a warning he will not be supporting any of the moves the Democrat Party is attempting to make that could adversely affect the U.S. economy. 

In contrast to the moves the spending Democrats want to make, Republican lawmakers were attempting to help Americans save their money by pushing for sustainable models, such as providing $1.5 million tax cuts. 

However, Democrat lawmakers are saying the proposal of Republicans will be much higher than what they envisioned, despite the lack of evidence to back up their rhetoric. 

On the other hand, as the House Speaker is trying to get a hold of the House, Democrats were accused of displaying “false numbers” to Americans in order to gather popular votes on top of legislative support. 

Still, the looming disaster is apparent and the weight against Americans will be felt later on, as Democrats assumed the expensive bill would be paid for with tax hikes.