The High Cost of Living Has Californians Flocking to Mexico

"Mexico Flag / Bandera de Mexico" by Esparta Palma

The Golden State is probably the best indicator of how well Biden’s vision for the economy is working. Given how a growing number of Californians are starting to make round trips to Mexico to shop for necessities, things are definitely not looking up.

A report showed a regular group was making the 20-minute-long journey to Tijuana almost every day, with their main intention being to hunt for bargains.

“Walking across the Mexican border” by Marc van der Chijs

Mexican cost of living is far below that of California

For the rest of the libs, those enjoying the beauty of living in the US’ most woke state, the trip is much longer than just 20 minutes. Some individuals travel up to two hours to get to Tijuana, all for the sake of saving a couple of bucks.

It’s not just groceries that are cheaper south of the border; it’s practically everything, including gas, which was even brought up by the Mexican president during his visit to the White House earlier this month.

At the time when Jimenez advertised Mexico’s breathtaking gas prices, they were around $1.24 lower than the California average of $5.38. That’s over a dollar saved on gas alone, whereas milk and other groceries make gasoline pale in comparison.

According to the same report, milk in Mexico costs half as much as it does in California; other necessities like toilet paper and Tylenol will each save you up to $4 per smallest-size retail pack.

Biden’s dystopian version of America

Some even walk across the border to get some freshly made tacos at a bargain price or have their pets checked up by a vet.

This comes for a fraction of the standard costs in the US; it has moved mountains when it comes to helping developing vendors and supermarkets in Tijuana.

Unfortunately, saving on fruits and vegetables isn’t an option. Border customs are ordered to forbid any raw food from entering the country, with the fine for failing to disclose possession of these items being up to $1,000.

You know it’s bad when mainstream media outlets are helping Americans figure out how to best plan their shopping trip to Mexico.

The dystopian environment created by old Joe just isn’t letting up. Despite the Biden administration’s “efforts” to combat growing inflation, last month’s number came in at a devastating 8.5%, a massive spike compared to last year.

However, even if all evidence points to their efforts being in vain, Biden and the rest in charge weren’t hesitant to celebrate their “victories.”

They began claiming sooner than later, inflation will be no more, almost as if an economic crisis of this caliber can simply go away.

While California was already known for its sky-high gas and grocery prices, it’s become unbearable even for the majority of the woke crowd populating the state. Some of these regular shoppers are even considering fully moving to Mexico for the benefits.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.