Texas Governor Mandates Face Masks for State Residents

"Greg Abbott" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Face masks mandates continue to materialize across the nation as elected officials work to “stop the spread” of coronavirus. Amid rising reports of transmission, many leaders are making certain moves that not everyone approves of; this includes not only mandating face masks, but also shutting down businesses yet again.


For the most part, Democrats have led the moment to close businesses and order Americans to wear face masks in public. However, some Republicans seem to be quickly getting on board with this as well. Such a development has angered and disappointed many conservatives who view Republicans as heralds of freedom.

On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) become the latest to require state residents to wear face masks while in public, explains Breitbart News.

What to Know About the Texas Governor’s Face Mask Mandate

Per Abbott’s executive order, Texas residents are required to cover their faces with masks while they are in public; these coverings should conceal the nose and the mouth at all times.

The Texas governor has touted mask-wearing as a necessary measure to keep the state open for business; however, this mandate comes days after Abbott shut down indoor dining at bars and ordered restaurants to reduce operational capacity.

At this time, the executive order that decrees face mask-wearing comes with certain exceptions. Individuals who are ten-years-old or younger are excluded, as are people with medical conditions or disabilities that cannot wear masks.

Restaurant-goers who are eating or drinking or seated to do so within an establishment are also exempt from the Texas governor’s mandate.

Responses to Face Mask Mandates

As various governors and mayors on both sides of the aisle begin issuing orders for Americans to wear face masks, some people are pushing back.

Protests and lawsuits against face mask mandates are beginning to materialize; many folks across the nation have serious reservations about the legality of demanding Americans to cover their faces in public. Other people are concerned about face mask mandates being a stepping stone to additional decrees that violate individual liberties.

Numerous conservatives yesterday criticized the Texas governor’s decision to order state residents to wear face masks in public. The order goes into effect Friday, July 3 at 12:00 PM.

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