Texas GOP-Majority House Looking To Impeach Ken Paxton

It took years of serious ethical and legal scandals involving Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for the state’s GOP to take action against him. Now, he’s well on his way to getting impeached.

This maneuver comes in the closing days of Texas’ legislative session. It will put Paxton, who’s recently aligned himself with a lot of far-right figures, including Donald Trump, against House Republicans who’ve had enough of the virtuoso lawyer’s wrongdoings.

Texas distances itself from Trump ally Paxton

In response to his incoming impeachment, Paxton claimed the charges are based on nothing more than gossip and hearsay, but only time will tell how much of that was actually true.

Paxton added the pending impeachment vote is akin to “political theater,” after which he refused to take any other questions from the dozens of reporters who gathered on the scene.

He did, however, call on his supporters to protest his impeachment, similar to how Trump rallied his own supporters on January 6th. It won’t be surprising to see the left make use of this rambunctious statement.

He did make sure to remind them to protest peacefully and to exercise their right to petition the government, shielding himself from public outcry if protests were to escalate into something else.

Texas law changes overnight

The attorney general is set to be impeached on account of 20 charges against him, including bribery, his supposed unfitness for office, and the overall abuse of public trust that has been brought up several times.

One difference between Texas and the federal systems lies in the fact that the House voting to impeach Paxton would result in his immediate suspension from office.

This would last until the Senate trial is concluded, with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott being tasked with appointing someone to replace him. It remains unclear when and why the change was made to allow for this, especially seeing as the GOP controls every branch of the state’s government.

Earlier this year in February, Paxton settled a whistleblower lawsuit against him that accused him of corruption, with the $3.3 million payout still waiting to be approved by the House.

Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan believes taxpayers shouldn’t be the ones to foot this bill.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.