Texas GOP Governor Lands in Hot Water Over Gab Censure

"Greg Abbott" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Mainstream social media sites have upped their levels of anti-right-wing censorship in recent years. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., have tried to deny that their censorship is politically motivated; however, Americans who are paying attention know better.

Since mainstream social media platforms are censoring right-wing users left and right, conservative-friendly alternatives have started popping up. Parler is largely formatted and regarded as a Republican-friendly version of Twitter; Rumble is a freer version of YouTube, whereas Gab is a conservative-friendly alternative to Facebook.

“American flag” (CC BY 2.0) by fabfiver5

Like other alternative media platforms, Gab’s popularity has grown in recent years. However, the site is not without its critics.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott recently declared that Gab is an “antisemitic platform.” Gab is now pushing back against this claim along with other conservatives, as Breitbart News confirms.

Anti-Gab Sentiment from the Texas Governor + Gab’s Response

Days ago, Governor Abbott spoke at a press conference about legislation designed to combat antisemitism in the Lone Star State. During this time, the Texas governor declared Gab as antisemitic, claiming that the social media site is not in keeping with Texas values and has “no place in Texas.”

Gab has since responded to this accusation from the Texas GOP governor. In a public statement, Gab cited Abbott’s claims as “despicable and false.” The conservative-friendly social site then stated that it shields the “political speech” of all users, in spite of their viewpoints, faith, ethnicity, etc.

Shortly thereafter, Gab also pointed out that many Jewish individuals are users and customers of their site. Since the Texas governor’s criticism of Gab, Adam Candeub, a Jewish aide who worked for the Trump administration, came out in defense of the social media site.

Candeub explained that the “marketplace of ideas” is the best means of countering and debunking antisemitism. He then stated that Gab’s allowance of “all viewpoints” is not tantamount to antisemitism.

Backlash from Conservatives Across America

Conservatives are responding to the Texas governor by slamming him as tone-deaf and oblivious. Others professed that Abbott remains out of touch and disconnected with what alternative social media platforms are all about.

Thus far, the Texas governor has not retracted his statements about Gab. However, many Jewish conservatives are backing the social media site and citing Abbott’s censure as way off base.

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