Texas Democrats Who Fled the State Are Facing Threat of Arrest

The Texas Supreme Court invalidated the temporary restraining order imposed by a district judge. The restraining order was supposed to protect the Democrat lawmakers who fled Texas from arrest; however, on Tuesday, the high court declared the order null and void.

Democrat lawmakers who fled the state are facing a threat of arrest

Almost 60 Texas Democrats who fled Texas are now facing arrest after the ruling of the Supreme Court came, reversing the order of protection. The reversal of the restraining order means the Democrati lawmakers can now be arrested once they come back in the state after their month-long absenteeism.

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan filed a petition to the Supreme Court seeking reversal of the protection order previously imposed by a district judge. Then, on Tuesday, the high court approved the petition, nullifying the order previously imposed and allowing the governor to arrest Democrats who fled the special session. 

It can be noted that last month, around 60 Democrats flew to Washington D.C. to deny Republican lawmakers of a quorum as they vote for the controversial voting reform bill among other agendas. 

Gov. Abbot’s spokesperson, Renae Eze, stated that the Supreme Court of Texas immediately rejected the attempt of Democrats to resist performing their sworn duty and undermine the Constitution. She added they were expecting that the Supreme Court will prevent another stall tactic being used by the Democrat lawmakers and instead sustain the rule of law.

Abbott’s spokesperson: Fleeing Texas is equivalent to walking out on residents of Texas

Eze also claimed that the acts of Democrats fleeing the state during a special session is equal to walking out on residents of Texas. She continued, stating that the agenda of the special session not only involves the voting reform bill. Included in its agenda are the protection of foster children, implementing proper tax relief, providing funds for retired teachers, and secure the southern border. 

Eze also mentioned that the Democrat lawmakers shouldn’t have run for their positions if they do not want to do their duty of voting and debating in the House. She also claimed that the governor will continue working and fighting for the future of the state. Meanwhile, the Democrats who already flew back to Texas could face arrest if they still refuse to attend the special session.

On the other hand, Gov. Abbott will keep calling for special sessions in order to oblige Democrats to come back to Texas and do their duty. Last month, a special session was called by Gov. Abbott in order to vote for series of agendas and the voting reform legislation was one of them. 

Then, to deprive the Republican lawmakers of the needed quorum to pass the legislation, 57 Democratic lawmakers fled the state. Most Democrats are planning to extend their stay in Washington D.C., and stay away to keep depriving the GOP of their needed quorum.