Teen Performs a DIY Abortion and Burns the Body, Media Spins the Story

"Abortion Memorial" by George Bannister

According to reports from Nebraska police, a mother-daughter duo in the state reportedly aborted, burned, and buried the 17-year-old daughter’s child, along with the assistance of a 22-year-old man who helped hide the child’s body.

At the time, both Jessica Burges and her daughter, Celeste, are facing felony charges. Both of them chose to plead not guilty to multiple felonies, just like the young man, Tanner Barnhill, who plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge.

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Gruesome, at-home abortion in Nebraska and how liberal media covered it

The real issue at hand, though, is the liberal media’s handling of the story.

Several outlets went above and beyond to try and bury the story, selling the murder of a child as a “self-managed abortion,” as the left often chooses to call these heinous acts.

The Forbes story headline had nothing to do with the fact the duo committed a serious felony. It criticized the Nebraska police for using information provided by Facebook to prosecute a teen for an “abortion.”

A similar narrative can be seen in articles from NBC News and The Huffington Post, all of which failed to mention the sickening act of burning the body of one’s unborn child and burying it at an undisclosed location.

The two news outlets that kept somewhat true to the source materials are The Cut and CBS News. Although the headlines retained the same critical tone aimed at law enforcement for doing what’s in their job description.

Checking liberal buzzword boxes is more important than telling the whole story

Many of these news companies also noted this was one of the first instances of Facebook providing incriminating information in a state where abortion is restricted, now that Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

However, anyone with a semblance of reason can see why Facebook decided to act in a case where a “self-managed abortion“ was performed, especially if there was conclusive evidence pointing at questionable disposal of the child’s body after the act.

Naturally, the left-leaning crowd went wild over the story on Twitter, shedding unnecessary criticism on the Nebraska police force, Although it’s highly likely the same thing would’ve happened even if Forbes had told the story in its entirety.

According to the duo, Celeste had given birth to a stillborn child in the middle of the night in their home’s shower. While an autopsy confirmed the child was indeed stillborn, it doesn’t remove the fact the two chose to dispose of the body in such a suspicious manner.

Initially, evidence pointed at the police wrongly accusing Celeste of illegally removing and disposing of an infant’s body.

Further investigation showed her mother previously bought abortion pills for her daughter, inducing the late-night abortion.

In Nebraska, abortions aren’t allowed past the 20-week mark. Dozens of state prosecutors were baffled by the case, claiming they hadn’t seen such irresponsible behavior in decades and they hope they won’t have a run-in with a similar case in the near future.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.