Ted Cruz Puts Antifa, Eric Swalwell, and Hunter Biden in the Same Basket

"Ted Cruz" by Gage Skidmore

Now that we’re nearing the midterms, high-profile Republicans across the country are rallying alongside the GOP candidates who show promise, as well as those who require a nudge to get them across the finish line.

In light of this trend, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz journeyed West, campaigning alongside New Mexico’s Congresswoman Yvette Herrel this week on Monday, helping her fire up the audience at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

“Ted Cruz” by Gage Skidmore

Cruz kills three birds with one stone in latest public appearance

In typical Ted Cruz fashion, the senator couldn’t refrain from some crude humor aimed at the three butts of every joke related to Democrats: Eric Swalwell, Antifa, and Hunter Biden.

During his speech, Cruz made fun of how bad everything’s gotten because of “Bidenflation,” claiming Antifa can’t afford bricks, Swalwell can’t afford to eat out, and Hunter can’t even afford crack anymore.

The joke was met with neverending applause and cheers from the audience, mainly because it was painfully true. They’ve all felt it on their skin, seeing as the cost of living has gone through the roof in slightly over a year.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad the average American family was forced to make sizeable budget cuts or take on a second job just to keep the lights on at home. It’s only getting worse.

Bidenflation continues to rage on through the US

Cruz didn’t end it there, though. He kept hammering away at Biden and his shortcomings, including several other Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, who is one of the people responsible for letting inflation rise to this level.

In spite of inflation being the top concern for the majority of American voters, Democrats have continuously pushed the topic of abortion rights and gender identity into the limelight, choosing to ignore the issue they created.

Cruz didn’t have much else to say about Pelosi or inflation. There’s not much left to say, other than to feel sorry for all the hardworking Americans who were impoverished by Democrats’ lack of resolve.

Inflation isn’t the only issue on everyone’s minds either.

In real time, the southern border crisis has continued to grow out of proportion, prompting the White House to request volunteer assistance from federal agencies to assist in processing the illegals.

Some Democrats like AOC are even pushing the idea that we should be encouraging illegal immigration rather than scrutinizing these people. Meanwhile, AOC knows full well illegal immigrants won’t end up in her district anyways.

Almost 90% of voters have inflation and the economic condition of the US as one of their top priorities, and if the Biden administration keeps this up, things are going to get even worse for Democrats.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.