Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren Goes Berserk About Student Loans

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is a favorite of progressives because she has the same self-righteous, extremist spirit that many of them also have.

This woman is truly off her rocker, which is why the people of “Taxachusetts” have repeatedly re-elected her.

She’s a fanatical pro-abortionist, high tax, socialist, green energy-obsessed leftist who never misses a chance to spout her venom wherever she can.

Warren’s latest crusade is one she’s been harping on for a while: student loan forgiveness.

What Warren Wants

Warren wants the same thing every big government socialist simpleton wants: they want the government to spend as much as possible whenever possible. They’re willing to make whatever excuses and display whatever fake compassion necessary to get that to happen.

In terms of student loans, Warren has been crowing about how this would actually help the economy by freeing up young folks to enter careers and spend more without the burden of student loans.

She’s also claimed this will help “working families” by getting rid of the millstone around their necks.

Whereas those who’ve already spent years saving up and economizing to pay off their student loans are out of luck. Warren has already been confronted in the past about this and literally laughed or gave dismissive answers.

She doesn’t care. She just wants more votes from the Harvard students in Boston and to support the upper-class socialist blue checks who fund her ridiculous campaigns.

She’s more than willing to dilute the value of our money even further and sink us into unpayable debt if it means furthering her career and making her feel nice about student debt.

Reality be damned…

A $300 Billion Giveaway, Because It Is ‘Popular’

Warren has also been justifying the $300 billion handout because it’s “popular.” Do you know what else is popular? Using heroin and alcoholism. Does this make them a positive thing to do in your life?

Of course, those of us with student debt want it paid off. Though not everyone is looking into the short-term future and only caring about the next year or two.

Some of us are looking further down the road and see the storm clouds gathering. We see currency collapse, green energy authoritarianism, and an out-of-control federal bureaucracy that wants to run every detail of our lives in return for full dependency.

Some of us who aren’t bought and paid for in a liberal bubble are saying hell no.

There’s $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, out of a national debt of $30.7 trillion. There’s no doubt it’s a real problem.

However, the expensive nature of higher education is a separate issue and does not mean plumbers and carpenters should be paying for young people to attend Brown and learn about intersexuality or why America is racist.

The Bottom Line

Enough demagoguery, Liz. We know you’re fake. Go grab yourself a beer.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.