Shocking Revelations on Ashley Biden’s Diary

Ashley Biden’s diary is confirmed real, but the controversy that’s now coming up is over how it was obtained.

In fact, two individuals from Florida have now been charged with robbing the diary. Fair enough, you can’t steal someone’s private property and personal information and then leak it to the public.

However as the country is overrun with violent crime, why is this case such a priority? Furthermore and much more importantly, why would the theft of a young woman’s diary be investigated as a federal crime?

The Theft of Ashley Biden’s Diary

The diary was obtained by individuals working for conservative outlet Project Veritas, which often does undercover investigations and work to expose the filth and corruption in politics.

Project Veritas has been subject to enormous harassment in the past, due to not being liberal, but has continued to grow, thanks to crowdfunding and publicity for their excellent work.

The only pretext for charging this federally is this diary was taken over state lines and worth over $5,000.

Ashley Blazer Biden, 41, is the son of Joe and Jill. She works as a social worker and fashion designer. She also wrote in her diary about taking showers that were “not appropriate” with her father, as well as believing she had repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse.

Project Veritas Denies the Charges

According to those who gave the diary to Project Veritas (PV), they’d just found it left behind in a house.

PV asked them to go back and prove it was really a house that belonged to Ashley. PV allegedly paid for the two robbers to bring more material, including an iPad of some kind with family photos on it.

The two thieves, Robert Kurlander and Aimee Harris, also took confidential tax documents belonging to Biden. They demanded a bigger payday from PV, saying it wasn’t “fair” they were engaging in such a big risk without getting more for it.

Prosecutors allege PV paid Kurlander and Harris $20,000 each for obtaining the sensitive items.

PV insists its work in obtaining these materials was fully “legal” and they’d been told the items were abandoned at a Florida property and discovered there, not stolen.

What’s Next?

PV says even though the diary is now “alleged” as stolen property, they weren’t informed of this until after the fact.

Worse, what about the shocking revelations that Ashley has in her diary? If this was President Trump, we’d never hear an end of how horrific this is, especially if it was his own daughter, Ivanka, writing these kinds of things in her diary.

After all, one joke Trump made about his daughter being beautiful was the subject of years of leftist mockery. How much worse is this? (Hint: a lot worse).

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.