SHOCKING: Joe Biden Used Private Email To Leak Government Info to Hunter

Emails on the laptops seized by the FBI show communications Biden made using a personal email account to send information to his foreign-deal-making son, Hunter Biden. In the laptop of Hunter Biden seized by the FBI back in December 2019, emails from were discovered. Said email was later on known to be used by Joe Biden during his term as the Vice President under the Obama administration.

Sometimes the emails were signed “Dad” and contained deeply personal messages. Some other emails were more political in nature, while others were more related to business matters. 

Sensitive government information was forwarded by Joe Biden using a personal email account

However, what’s troubling in this exchange of emails is how information coming from the senior officials in the White House, State Department, and other government agencies were often forwarded by a personal email account.

For instance, an email sent by the U.S. embassy in Istanbul to the State Department dated November 2014 was forwarded by the personal Gmail account to senior advisers of Joe Biden and national security expert Michael Carpenter. The email provided an early warning that an American citizen named Martin O’Conner was about to be discharged from detention in Turkey. 

In an email that was forwarded to the Obama administration security and diplomacy officials, the U.S. embassy in Istanbul wrote that the lead attorney for O’Connor sent a report; this report stated that the court granted the detention appeal of O’Connor. He is expected to be released from detention.

State Department officials forwarded the email to the office of the vice president, where Biden’s aide Colin Kahl thereafter sent it to the private email of Joe Biden. Then-Vice President Biden forwarded it to his son Hunter Biden’s email under the subject line stating that O’Connor was released from jail. 

On the other hand, former senior officials under the Obama administration confirmed the existence of the personal email address. The former official also added that some administration officials know about it and that Biden would use it from time to time. 

The official further added that he saw it used by Biden to talk to his friends and family or to forward information to them. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal. 

Numerous Obama officials also communicated through the personal email address and are well aware of its existence

Furthermore, the emails obtained also revealed more shocking news. Numerous officials under the Obama administration communicated (or were well aware of) the private email address that Joe Biden had. Officials would also have their information sent to their personal email address; this includes Secretary of State Tony Blinken. 

Other than establishing that Joe Biden forwarded government information to his son, Hunter Biden, the existence of his private email account also raises series of questions under federal law. It was then related to Hillary Clinton’s case. 

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, stated that the President Records Act requires Biden to ensure that any emails in his Gmail account are forwarded to the National Archives could properly handle it. This includes the government emails that were forwarded to Hunter Biden.

Fitton then added a remark, stating the possibility why the Obama administration was protecting Hillary Clinton from the repercussions of her email scandal. However, the veteran public records watchdog also added that once the public and the Judicial Watch started filing FOIAs for Obama and the White House, the people might know more starting next year. 

The personal email account would sign “Dad” in emails to Hunter Biden

Meanwhile, the White House press office did not respond to any email or call seeking comment about the issue. George Mesires, a lawyer for Hunter Biden, also did not respond to the email asking for comment. The memos from Hunter’s laptop moreover show how Hunter, on a few occasions, reached out to his father’s private email address, asking for help. 

In an email back in January 2012, Hunter Biden forwarded a request for a video message from the vice president for an event honoring Ben Barnes, Texas Democrat activist. The vice president wrote a response, “we are working on it.”

In June 2014, Hunter Biden wrote an email to his father asking the vice president to talk to him before filling the positions at the Treasury Department. Joe Biden then responded, asking Hunter to call him right away, signed “Dad.”