SHOCKING: Biden Planning to Pay Illegal Immigrants $450,000 Per Person

Republicans are scolding the Biden administration for its plan to pay nearly $450,000 per person to the illegal immigrants separated from their families during Trump’s tenure. 

Biden is using taxpayers’ money to pay illegal immigrants

The Wall Street Journal reported the Biden administration is planning to pay a hefty amount of almost half a million dollars to each individual separated from their family.

According to the reports, Democrats want to settle lawsuits that demand compensation to the illegal immigrants for the psychological suffering they faced from the U.S. immigration policies.

These illegal immigrants were separated due to Trump’s “zero-tolerance policy,” and now Biden is trying hard to reward them for invading the United States.

Steve Womack, a GOP congressman from Arkansas, said giving this much money to illegal immigrants is an insult to law-abiding citizens.

Similarly, he mocked Biden’s upcoming social spending bill, saying Democrats are employing unprecedented surveillance of Americans’ bank accounts just to give relief to those who broke the U.S. law.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, said this new agenda of Biden is “a slap in the face” to hard-working, law-abiding Americans who earn money and pay their taxes.

Mike Pence, the former vice president, also defended Trump-era immigration policies, while labeling the payout to illegal immigrants “unacceptable.” During his appearance on Fox News, the former vice president praised Trump’s efforts of building 400 miles of a wall and curbing illegal immigration by 90%.

The former vice president likewise labeled Biden’s border policy as “disastrous,” adding that the prevailing border crisis in the U.S. is one of a kind. That’s because Biden is busy giving people a message the border is open for anyone who wants to come illegally.

Paying intruders will encourage a new wave of illegal immigrants

Tom Cotton, a GOP senator, said paying intruders just because they suffered from psychological trauma during a crime is an insane approach of the Biden administration.

Senator Lindsey Graham expressed hopes all the reports of paying out $450,000 to illegal immigrants are false news; he believes any step across these lines will create outrage.

Doug Lamborn, a GOP congressman, schooled Biden, saying the president paid only $1,300 to law-abiding citizens during COVID, while he is aiming to pay such a massive amount to illegal immigrants.

Another Republican congressman, Ken Buck, stated Biden can impose heavy taxes on Americans, but cannot refrain from paying free money to illegal immigrants.

Currently, Biden is planning to increase taxes on Americans while continuing to serve the interests of illegal immigrants in big numbers. This new policy measure is promising enough to encourage other immigrants to illegally enter the United States.

As things currently stand, they are likely to get a green signal from Biden’s weak approach.